Three Pinots with Plenty of Yoodles (Bidault, Collotte, Phillips Hill)

These three wines are a perfect example of why I remain very resistant to spending a ton more money on the “great” pinot noirs of the world. Not dismissing those wines often superior characteristics, as I have noted the extra notch of the qualities below.

Each of them had plenty of complexity, purity of fruit, expressive and long without being heavy at all. Balanced, bright, floral and earthy noses… persistent finishes with the right amount of acid to beg for the next taste.

And no, I don’t usually or always drink young wines either. Just so happens that these three in the last ten days were younger! The wines in question are below, and each was had for under $50:

Anne and Sebastian Bidault GC VV 2019
Dom Collotte Marsannay En Combereau 2019
Phillips Hill Romas 2019

The latter two are producers that I’ve had a lot of experience with over the last few years, whereas the gevrey producer pops up here and there occasionally and I’ve only had a handful of bottles. That said, of the villages, this GC VV seems to me to be a step up from the CM or MSD.


It’s now official news: Philips Hill Winery is closing it’s doors. They leased the historic apple dryer building on the Day Ranch property that was part of the vineyard I managed from 2010-2021.

We sold them Chard, Pinot and Gewurtz for many years. I think they bought Gruner a couple of years. Very nice folks. Sure wish them well.

Yeah, their note about it was what prompted me to open a bottle. Great people and very nice honest wines. They do have a Gruner up from 2021 so must be the only go of it.

IIRC the Pinot was really promising in 2021 in the valley. Is that true?

'21 was a very strong vintage. I made a barrel with my foreman…my last year. It’s getting bottled next week by a buddy.

Do you know when? Their website shows that they’re still booking tasting appointments.

It’s been reported that they might stay open thru summer

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Their email said they would be all wrapped up by end of the calendar year. I’ll be out in a month and can ask then.

Thanks Dan. That’s too bad. I met Toby about 15 years ago at Pinot Days in San Francisco, and have fond memories of his 2007 (?) Oppenlander Pinot. We have a couple bottles of his Gruner here.

Toby asked me to come up last weekend and shoot the images for him and Natacha for their announcement. He and I first met at his premiere release at Pinot Days in San Francisco and as a fellow artist likes my photography.

Toby only made enough of this release for his wine club going out in October and I believe has library wines on the website. He will be able to now devote himself full-time to art. We spent half the day in his Ukiah studio.

Thats really not a great pic of Natacha. Shes way better looking than that angle.

Good to know on ‘21. So far I’ve found both ‘18 and ‘19 really good across the board in AV. Also a recent blind tasting confirmed that Oppenlander vineyard turned out some real beauties in 2019. The Halcon was singing.