Three Cheers for the Anti Flavor Elite!

"The problem, for me, is that when new wine drinkers reach their big moment of tasting a “major” wine–“major” because Parker gave it a 97 rating–they often choke, gag, experience soft palate disfigurement, and end up deciding that if this is “great” wine, they’re going back to Bud Light." onclick=";return false;

Time to invite him over…

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you know what would be cool. if you type in “i hate wine ratings” or “anti flavor elite” the first search would be wineberserkers. Right now for Antiflavorelite this post is #2 on the search but for I hate wine WB thread is at the bottom of the list =(. Everyone click the WB links so it goes higher!

I know that 95% of the wines I love…elegant, balanced, harmonious, delicate…would be characterized by Him as wimpy. .

This appears to be less a response to RP’s stupid statement about the anti-flavor elite, and just another stupid statement that my palete is better and more refined than yours.
Everyones palete is different.

I also know that if most neophyte wine-lovers could taste the wines I love, with their traditional wine virtues, they would love them too. Especially with food. And we’d have a shot at becoming a wine-drinking nation.


I know a bunch of guys here in Scottsdale that love and will only seek out enhanced, cosmetic surgically, super made up, big haired honeys. I guess they must also love big, fruit laden Aussie Cabernets. To some bigger is better.

Not sure how to do that, since both are just forwarding URLs

This is big, as David Rosengarten has quite a following.

Another sign that, as I predict, the pendulum will swing away from the big, hearty, motor oil type over the top fruit bombs to wines of greater elegance and finesse.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, boys (and girls)!

The single biggest response to press we have EVER gotten was when we were featured in a four page article in David’s hard copy newsletter. HUNDREDS of orders for SERIOUSLY esoteric wines (David went crazy for our Fizzy Red and Oltrepò Pavese selections).

I haven’t followed the topic but I wonder if someone could confirm my experiences with fruit bombs or just tell me my nose is shot.

The bouquet of sluttly fruit bombs seem muted and only fruit related compared to more balanced wines (more acidity?) that will have more distinctive noses.

Ah yes, the kind that enters a room, preceded by her breasts [wink.gif] !

You meant to say grapes and melons, I presume [wink.gif] .

That is terrible! Absolutely terrible!!

At least I think it is. Do you have a larger photo? flirtysmile

Whatzamatter guys? Did that mean RMP insult your sensitive palates and bruise your fragile egos? [wink.gif]

Well sure, that’s the strategy, isn’t it? Somehow I don’t think your interest in wine is purely Platonic [wink.gif] !

Yes, I agree. I just care whether I like the wine, the pedigree, etc. is secondary. Not that I don’t sometimes get seduced by high ratings (and sometimes high prices) like most of us…but my basic test is, taking one sip, do I want more? (Not, am I missing something, or, would this improve in a few more years, etc.). A lot of people seem to miss that point, IMO.

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

I wonder what the “drinking window” on those was [wink.gif] ?