Thoughts on this yquem?

Pretty high level for almost 100 years old no?

It’s black almost to the point of being opaque. Whatever the fill or price it certainly doesn’t like it’s been stored well

When did Rudy and John get into the soy sauce business?

I always refer to the Yquem website for color. It looks too dark. Should be more mahogany.

The bottle looks mouth-blown due to the irregular bottom - and therefore old.
I´ve had Sauternes dark like this - and they were outstanding.
If it´s d´Yquem? Hard to say from a pic.

However I would always take it for 200.00 - (just for fun) but not for 2.000 to 9.000

Hilarious listings. The fills are just awful on so many bottles.

Their 1964 Haut Brion is practically a 375ml:

I do not see problems with this bottle.

the fill of mine was better

It is hard to tell exact color from a picture. But, I had a 1929 Yquem in 1983 at a Heublein Auction preview tasting and, while it looked much darker than most of the Yquems I have had, it did not look as dark as what I see in the picture.

You make me think of a nice story. 1921 is considered as the greatest year of the 20th century. The price can exceed largely 2000 dollars.
I was visiting a friend in the beaujolais region and there was a local auction. Among many lots without a real interest there was an Yquem 1921.
When it was the time for the lot the man who conducted the sale said : this wine is so dark that it is dead. This bottle would only have interest for someone who want to make a lamp. He began at 10 euros and I got it for 120 euros.
I drank it. It was delicious.