Thoughts on pairing at Momofuku

Pre-ordered the 5 spice Duck for tomorrow and am waiting for a copy of the wine list. Am I treating this like Peking Duck?
I am taking 6 bottles on the trip, but am light on higher end whites that would make corkage worthwhile? Any thoughts if champagne (would work (I know it always works)
or I have some single vineyard Tement that would be interesting?
I’d probably be happy with a nice Rose if that’s an option from the list but would like to do something more special if I have it.
If I get the list back from the restaurant I’ll post.

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See if they have this one:

If you are talking about Noodle Bar, the original location does not have much of a wine list. If you don’t have enough wine with you pick up a nice Beaujolais. There are lots of wine shops nearby.

Sorry , Should have said Vegas main room in Cosmopolitan. I have nice Beaujolais…09 Lapierre, Metras, Foillard ect.
Interesting thanks
btw where are the wine shops now. I’ve always Uber to total wine. (If you were assuming Vegas)

Sorry I forgot that they still have a LV location. I thought you were talking about NYC.

Edit: I just learned Parcelle has wine on offer at Noodle Bar!

There’s a Wally’s at resorts world. I would always drink burgundy with duck, preferably with ~10 years of age. 13s are great with duck with the acidity. The last wine I had with 5 spice duck was 10 amiot serville clos st denis. My wife sorta demurred and recommended riper red fruited younger village burgundy like 17 or 19 Fourrier Gevrey VV and/or oxidative champagne like Selosse or Egly Crayeres.

Appreciate the insight all. I had packed a Metras Moulin a Vent. If the corkage is $90 or something I’ll probably just go with something on the list (although they never responded to my email request)

Thought I’d follow up with the end story here.

I stopped by before dinner and asked about corkage since they didn’t respond. The hostess said wait a minute and brought the somm back who was very nice and interested in the wine (took the Metras). He put a note in to waive the $50 corkage with a bubbly purchase (I didn’t look long at the list he brought as they were busy)

When we got there, the waiter was awesome and very interested in the wine. No decent champagne at all for reasonable money so I ordered a cocktail and my wife a glass of generic sparkling Rose.
When we got to the wine, I offered him a taste and he was surprised beyond belief. He seemed to love it, I told him a bit about it…

He then brought me a gratis glass of the Rose as well, mentioned he saw the note from the somm and don’t worry no corkage tonight. Just a great fun server, it is that kind of atmosphere. I didn’t see anybody else even drinking wine around us though.

Here is the highlight though.

He got a decent tip!


Cool story. The Momo world restaurants have always been great about hospitality.