Thoughts on Albert Grivault

Any experience good or bad with Grivault Meursault? The Perrieres and Clos des Perrieres certainly have a vaunted address, but curiously limited information available.

I also noticed nobody has reviewed these wines since the 2012 vintage. Anyone know why?

He has one of the best terroirs in Meursault , even Cote de Beaune for whites imho, but the wines are average and prone to premox .
One can only dream what could be done in the hands of a Coche , Roulot or Comte Lafon .
Generation change may help and I heard this is ongoing


I bought his Bourgogne blanc recently (2016 and 2017). The 2016 has good backbone and decent length but it shows a lot of wood that I was hoping time would help integrate. But all this talk of premox now has me nervous…!

I had the 2009 Perrières a couple of years ago and I thought it was really delicious, at a great phase at age 9. Was about to buy some recently online but someone managed to snap the last bottles right before I could pull the trigger. I get that it’s not Coche/Roulot but then the price is/should be a lot lower and actually I enjoyed the 2009 Grivault more than Lafon’s 2016 last weekend (obviously age is a factor).


Good to very good wines. I think they are terrific values, but in the hands of a greater vintner, they could be mindblowing.

Having said that, enjoy them for what they are, not what they aren’t.

I find that in the warmer vintages, the wines is much more open faced and enjoyable. In cooler years, they need 15+ years to show their best (although the 2013s were shockingly good on release)

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I have had a few recent experiences with the 2011 Albert Grivault Meursault 1er Cru Clos des Perrières, and liked it very much. A little on the lighter side that other produces of MP, but maybe they need more time.

The change Herwig mentioned above has arrived with the 17 vintage. I just tasted the 18 though the bottle was shook from travel and still showed that it will be an outstanding bottle. The 17’s are fantastic, but will need years to reach peak. My bottles are 375’s, and I’m referencing only the Clos de Perrieres.
Of note, this is the source for Maison Leroy Perrieres, and other very famous producers. Going forward prices will sadly ratchet up.
79 Clos de Perrieres is one of the greatest white burgundies I’ve ever tasted. 69 Leroy Perrieres legendary!

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Thanks Chet . I just ordered both 2017’s , based on your suggestion . The Perrieres is € 100/bottle , the Clos is € 130