Thoughts on 21s

After the grand tasting today I have a much better sense of the 21 vintage.

I would put 21 as sort of a hybrid of 2017 and 2007 with a bit less structure and density than 17 but very charming and accessible. I was very surprised how accessible some wines were, including grand crus like GE that you’d expect would need much more time.

Some highlights from LP grand tasting:

2021 Hudelot Noellat suchots and RSV
2021 Eugenie GE
2021 G. Noellat GE
2021 Fornerol Rue de Foins
2020 Lafon MP
2021 Leflaive Batard
2021 Lamy En Remilly
2013 Salon
2021 Rougeot Meursault Sous La Velle SS


Every 21 I’ve had has been wide open from top to bottom. Should be a very enjoyable vintage to drink while waiting on 19/20.

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For reds, a nice relief from the solar vintages of 18, 19 and 20. Wide open, floral and crunchy. Quite delicious. Whites also offering plenty of charm as youngsters.


A mixed vintage with some good wines; some of the reds are reduced for the moment, some open. The Lafon Perrieres at the grand tasting was the 2020, not the 2021.

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Interesting, thanks for the report, hope we get some more from attendees. I’ve only had a sampling of lesser village level wines, and most of them have been on the lean side, even austere. From the sound of it, the higher level wines are probably pretty good, but they are hard to get, and very expensive, so it’s kind of a lost vintage for a lower level buyer like me. There will be a few that make sense, but not an across the board vintage like some others.

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Haven’t found that. Drinking a 21 B-G VR tonight and it’s charming and beautiful, nice depth of fruit, young, but drinking perfectly.

I have had some reds, and really enjoyed them, but have not had any whites. How is 2021 in Chablis?

Every 21 Chablis I’ve had (only Louis Michel and Fevre) has been very good to excellent.


Thanks, will have to go back over my notes more carefully. That was my favorite white of the tasting.

LOL. 20 whites are worthy of mortgaging your house. Makes sense it would be your fav…

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seemingly stupendous. have had a few already at the village level and the back-to-back of 2020 and 2021 seems pretty great to me. 2020 maybe has the edge?

What a stunning wine! Miles above the sulphered version.

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Yeah it was much more expressive. I asked what they thought about cellaring and they said they’d aged bottles 10 years without issues.