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A leading Domain in the Cote de Beaune , with inter-marriage, children, and 3 generations now
populating the region - making up approx. (close to) 10 respected Domains, the family member who
coordinates our purchases is doing me a favor - and to help fill a clients request he has
organized a sizeable parcel of DRC for me to offer to our client.

A section of the list goes like this (I removed the prices except the wine in question and copied precisely as I received)
2 Grand Echezeaux 2017/
1 The Spot 2012/4000 €
3 La Tache 2014 /
2 La Tache 2015/

What the heck is The Spot?
I cannot untangle this mystery.
I’ve asked him, he replies - “all wine is DRC”
i REPLY I’ve never heard of The Spot, is it Blanc or Rouge?
what is the appellation? He is not one to joke with me ,
or he would tell me he is joking.
I’ve questioned him - is it a French translation?
I’ve googled this - The Spot - and the DRC web site has
8 Grand Cru’s, and one of the names is Task, which if you click on it,
it is La Tache, but there is no The Spot…
My friend uses a translation machine, I believe he does as his written English has improved immensely
the past few years.

Any one have a clue?.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions how to untangle this mystery.

Yes, if you type La Tâche into Google translate you get “the task” but “Tache” (no â) translates to “Spot” in Google translate

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La tâche = “task”
La tache = “spot”

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Ok,… I see now… wow… thanks

My kingdom for a circumflex!


X marks the Spot!

nice detective work.

the other guys did the great detective work… I did nothing but turn to the W.B. community
and ask for help.
The community is a great resource. And so many people willing to help.

I kept asking my French friend, the man who sent me the list, he could not see ‘it’,
I imagine he was running it through his translation machine…

Since COVID I’ve not visited Burgundy in about 2 years, so I’ve not visited him in person.
and then all of a sudden we noticed his English was light years advanced.
I did not want to ask - “are you using a translation machine?”
We just wondered about his enormous English improvement.
The program must be so thorough that they picked up so many nuance… This is the very first
instance of a translation issue and we write many emails about his extended family and the
ever diminishing vineyard production… (you ever think how many years they tell us, year after year,
‘the harvest is down by 30%, 40%’… if the numbers were true we would be into well below Zero.
We would be in a negative number.

In the abstract, the name and the price sound like some California cult cabernet.

Very funny. I will now begin calling all of my bottles of La Tache “the Spot”. Oh, wait…

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Spot on!

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I wonder - does that mean - the French people - when they speak of La Tache, they think -
it is The Spot?

If the French person is your person, yes. For other French people, no.
See John’s post on the accent thingy.

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so it would take about 500 ten spots to buy a bottle of the Spot.

I’m curious. Is the name perhaps dialect? Lots of vineyard names in France and Italy are – derived from something other than mainstream Parisian French.

Like White Horse. It’s in the back, next to Mad Dog 20-20

I have a spot where the Spot would fit, but no Spot to go in the spot.

It’s not. La Tâche means “the task”. As to why it got the name, I had to go to the web and it seems pretty mundane:

Son nom provient d’une ancienne expression bourguignonne « faire une tâche » qui signifié cultiver une vigne en échange d’une rémunération forfaitaire.

From: Vin appellation La Tache - SoDivin

Oh yes, and tache without the accent would get translated to “stain” in most contexts and very rarely would it be used for “spot” (except if spot is used in a context similar as a stain).