This New Proud Papa is Drinking The Papa Tonight

My wife just gave birth two days ago to a beautiful, healthy 9lb 15oz baby boy named Nicholas Michael. He was one “Big Papa” for sure. Unlike our first son, he is quiet as a mouse…so far and so adorable. We just made it home today and I figured a celebratory bottle was in order. What more appropriate bottle than SQN’s The Papa? It’s sitting in the decanter waiting for the wind down tonight ( I finally got my drinking buddy back after her nine month hiatus) but I did capture a glass to test out.

The Papa can be somewhat of a hit or miss. When it’s off, it’s simply fantastic but when it’s on…watch out! This is one of those WATCH OUT bottles. After only an hour, this has opened up and is showing the richness, gaminess and velvety mouth that I love. Simply stunning! I’ve learned with experience that you can not stack this bottle against the likes of 17th Nail, Shot In The Dark or Inaugural as this one is more feminine in comparison. 100pts tonight on it’s own. If you’re looking for max power, go with the barrel aged SQN offerings. If you’re looking to take a notch off the power profile for some spicy elegance, this is the one to grab. Perfect bottle to finish out a perfect few days. Life is sweet. Life is good. Life is short so enjoy the time you’re given.

Well done, young man. Congratulations!

Well done and congratualtions! 9/15! Sounds like a big boy. Will a 2011 SQN be his birth year wine?

congratulations on the birth of your son Justin!
almost 10lbs is huge

Congratulations on the birth of Nicholas Michael!

I’ll raise a glass tonight to celebrate your newest addition. [cheers.gif]

Congrats!! Having two lil’ ones is a definite game changer, but you’re lucky considering your second child is super chill.

I envy you. My baby girl, a month old, requires constant attention, holding, and she loves shiny things. I’m doomed.

But dang, she is so CUTE when she’s content (or sleeping).

Was his middle name given in honor of Pobega? [wow.gif] [stirthepothal.gif]

Seriously, though… congratulations!


Congratulations on the birth of Nicholas Michael!



Congrats! With two girls and a snip job I will never know the experience. But I will be experiencing the SQN Papa soon…

Congrats, Justin! Lots of joy, satisfaction and hopefully even a little sleep.

Congrats Justin!


Congrats Justin, all the best [cheers.gif]


congratulations and spoil that boy rotten!

Man, I am really happy for you!! seriously good job!!!

Wow, congrats and cheers!

There is nothing more important than family and enjoy the truly awesome nature of new life.

I’m opening a great Siduri pinot in a few minutes and will toast you and the new family!

Mazel Tov, 9# + is definitely a keeper!