This doesn't suck: Some Good Wine in NYC

Stumbled across a store I wasn’t familiar with, “Some Good Wine”, on 8th Street off of 5th. It is decidedly the best new wine store I’ve run into since Flatiron opened. It’s ambitions are decidedly less, well, ambitious than a Flatiron or Chambers - it’s more neighborhood wine shop than Internet SupaStar - but it’s emphatically INTERESTING, which is more than I can say about the ever-multiplying CSW clones, all of which seem to be inferior copies of the original. This is no copy. It has an entire section - seriously, like 15-20 SKUs - of just the Canary Islands! I’ve never seen anything like it. The pricing is a slightly higher than W-S low, but not offensively so so that you’re not like “screw it” and buying the bottle anyway. Terrific selection of unusual Nebbiolo. Phenomenal domestic chard and Pinot selection. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for Au Bon Climat, but the random 2008 Jim Clendenen RRV Pinot for $25? I like my Napa cab old school, but what store actually carries Heitz Trailside in NYC these days?

Cool, cool store, with lots of stuff that I’ve never seen outside of the Internet. Many things suck, like Texier (which they carry, FWIW), but this store emphatically does not. Tough location - Bottlerocket, Warehouse and Astor are all within a few blocks - but this store is head and shoulders above all of them.

Sounds like a great store, and even though I’m not a regular in NYC, it’s nice to know of such a place. I was really enjoying reading through your post (15+ Canary Island wines? pretty cool!), but then you had to throw in a gratuitous, drive-by potshot at Texier. Pretty bush league. What was the point?!

A boy so destined to drink alone.

While you were at it did you happen to check the store’s temperature, humidity and dew-point with your mobile meteorological kit??

Didn’t have it with me, Mike - but maybe you can go take pictures of the store for us.

Jeremy Block, the owner, is a great guy. I’ve been buying from him for a while. He used to be at Sussex and has always done right by me.

[popcorn.gif] blahblah

Man, some people need to get a sense of humor. I presume the point of David’s “gratuitous, drive-by potshot” was precisely to see whether the people who have nothing better to do than spar with him on a zillion other threads would take the bait. If you feed the troll–and David openly admits to trolling, although he does actually believe what he writes–you’re letting him win. Just engage with him on the always-interesting substance of his posts and ignore the provocations. (Do I need to post that David and I are personal friends in my signature line, like an “ITB” designation?)

When did this place open?

Oh Dan, next time when you NEED me to troll for you so that you can play good cop, you’ll be all like “oh the trolling is awesome”. Remember Davey Concepcion.

Completely agree. Have dealt with Jeremy over the phone and by email for a while. Great guy. Visiting New York in October and plan to stop by and see the store.

I became a Bert Campaneris man! :slight_smile: At least we got Reuschel in. And Nettles. And McGraw.

Well no one I know has ever accused me of not having a sense of humor. [basic-smile.gif] Though I’m not sure what was funny about it in any event.

Anyway, given David’s track record with comments about Texier, I think my presumption that his comment was yet another swipe is as valid as your presumption that he was just trolling, or joking, or whatever. Maybe just another case of sarcasm and/or subtlety being lost in the ether of the internet. Happens.

But it does sound like an interesting shop. Scrolled through the inventory, and it looks like over 30 wines from the Canary Islands! I need to get out to NYC more often.

My point was merely that some folks might be enthusiastic about pretty much any wine or store they encounter; but even though I’m someone who thinks most stuff is crappy, I thought this store was really interesting. I.e., this is higher praise because it comes from someone who thinks that plenty of stores are shitty.

I think that would be a good idea.

I saw the negativity as kind of meta and self referential (self mocking even?). In any event it was kind of funny – and hugely helpful as I love their selection of back vintage wines I’ve never seen all in one place.

Disclaimer: I don’t love texier’s wines (though I don’t think that they suck - or that he sucks).

I stumbled on that place a year or so ago. I think I even posted on it. Definitely not a selection picked by the distributors! Quite distinctive.

Would you believe… humor.

Geez! Lighten up!

Glad to know about the store, thanks David. Will put it on my list of stop-ins on my next tour through NYC.



Texier sucks and Baudry bretts :angry:
He is funny!!

Jeremy is great…looking forward to checking out the shop next time I’m in town.

Remember this thread the next time someone says the Spectator boards aren’t nice.