This Cab made me forget the others

The other day I visited three rather prominent Napa Valley wineries for a little Cabernet extravaganza. One house, dating back to the 19th century, has maintained a consistent record of long lived Cabs for nearly four decades. Another Estate has vaulted themselves into the upper eschelon within the last decade, particularly from stellar critic reviews, along with skyward prices to match. While all the wines tasted at the aforementioned Estates were solid if not nearly excellent, it was the Corison Cabernet that made me pretty much forget about the others.

The 2014 Corison Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is absolute sophistication. It begins with a stunning bouquet of florals, mostly violets and jasmine, along with deep red fruit and savory earthy elements. The tannins are pure velvet leading to a clean finish of lingering cherry and crushed wild berries. I cannot overemphasize the amazing texture and finish.

In relation to the 2013, I found the 2014 to be more feminine, whereas the 2013 reveals more brawn and grip. Both are classic!

These wines don’t get enough praise on this board, although I know there are many fans. If you haven’t before, try one with a little age on it. The 2004s and 2005s were outstanding - never had a bad wine from them. Thanks for the reminder to stock up!

Had an 05 last week that was in a perfect spot. Really a treat to drink.

I don’t know why I don’t buy more Corison.

I’ve enjoyed vintages as far back as 1987, and I’ve loved every single one. A standout for balance and class!

98 Kronos was crazy fresh a few weeks ago

The subject line sounds like one of those click bait links at the bottom of some article you read online.


Had an 07 Kronos a few months ago and it was sick! I know it’s young but Scott W. opened it. How could I say no?

Cathy is also really lovely, which makes drinking her wines even easier.

Agreed, really good cabs. Had an 06 Napa a couple months ago that was great but had plenty of time left

Never had one. I assume these are Cali Cabs for AFWE sensibilities? Would love to try one. A retailer I work with has 2010, 2013 and 2014. Recos?

Great OP note!

Robert-it’s too soon for all of them, but maybe try a 2010. They are classic cabs versus Napa spoof, but they need time.

I am looking forward to placing my order for the 2014. Wish I had come to these wines sooner.

Please stop talking about this wine and No Rhone and we will all be better off [wink.gif]

I totally agree with Scott – but since the cat’s already out of the bag with this thread, here’s my contribution! [stirthepothal.gif]

Everything Cathy touches is absolutely beautiful – and for years to come! So excited to hear the 2014s are continuing that tradition (although I would expect nothing less). I found the 2013 super delicate when I tried it at the winery in December, so now I’m intrigued by the '14s. Although knowing how these wines age, opening a bottle early is difficult to do!

Cheers! [cheers.gif]

The 2010 is the basic Cab and the 2012 and 2013 is the Kronos. Not sure I want to drop $175 on a wine I’ve never tried but would be willing to do the $80 for the cab. Is there a significant difference?

I don’t know, as I have not yet been willing to drop the coin on Kronos. All I can say is that I love the basic Cab.

Kronos is Cathy’s estate. Start with the Napa. It’s beautiful. And yeah, the '10 is young, but it should be right up your alley.

Same. I’m pretty selective when spending that kind of cash on a bottle, but I’d love to hear others opinions who’ve tried both.

Can’t speak across the vintages, but tasting the 2013 at the winery, at least, the Kronos did not merit the price increase for me. A bit more tannin, a touch bit more concentrated perhaps; but the Napa Valley bottling was already so good I didn’t see a reason to spend the extra 60 per bottle.

Love me some Corison. In many ways reminds me of and plays in the same ballpark as Chateau Montelena and Forman…needs 10 years to even begin strutting its stuff, but plays ball with any and all in Napa cabs with the right age. Not something meant to be drunk under 8, and even really 10-12 years out. Glad to see this getting some press. And, couldn’t have nicer people running the show!

I tried to stop this thread but since you insist, the Kronos can and will rock your world with at least 10 years on it! Imho

I’ve tasted a very large portion of Corison Cabernets and the 2010 Napa Cab is probably in my top 5.

A bit of a green/herbal streak that sends shivers up my spine, I think you’d dig it.