Thin, stylish, affordable universal glasses

Hey all,

I am not a seasoned wine aficionado but I did enjoy from a Zalto universal glass during my last meal and was amazed at the thinness of the stem and at the lip…just how easy it was to enjoy from.

Is there anything that’s comparable at a more affordable price point, or if not totally comparable a great value for the stemware?

I thought the shape was striking in addition to the aesthetic of the glass. I know Libbey/Spiegelau make glass like (though probably thick and cumbersome,) Bormiolli, and even Crate and Barrel. Is there a sleeper hit I could be missing, because I’m not so sure I trust these.

Furthermore, does anyone have experience with th Wine Enrhusiast brand Fusion Air glasses?

You could check out stemware from Gabriel Glas, their gold glasses are good, for me comparable to Zalto’s

Is their standard line any good? The gold is as much as the Zalto, so at that point I’d just get the real deal.

Is there anything in a slightly lower price range, machine made, that is an exceptional value? Even the standard commercial at 25 a glass is a little steep. I am considering them for commercial use as well, and 25 a glass if on breaks is still quite a cost to replace.

Just trying to explore all the options

I have not drank out of a Zalto glass, so I cannot compare, but we have been very happy with our Schott Zweisel glasses.

Name a specific price point. The word ‘affordable’ means different things to different people.

I agree with Schott Zweisels. Thin and yet sturdy. I got a deal on Lot 18 website. The wines are blah, but the deals on stemware are great.