“Thermal amplitude” Mendoza...a very good thing !

“Thermal amplitude” Mendoza…a very good thing !

The vineyards that sit high in elevation have to become very much in tune to the “Thermal Amplitude” the measured differential of the hottest part of the day and the coolest part of night being greater than in low sea level regions…not so bad a growing conditions as they lend the best of both worlds…high sugar and acids…in the Finger Lakes we have to understand this to grow some of the most complex wines in the world…one should note in the link provided how they studied each region to find what works where…at different exposures and altitudes…very similar to our region and the rise of the “Banana Belt” as the greatest land in our region…all due to …“Thermal amplitude”

So what does this do to a wine…?..well lets look at a wine region…

“The Land of Sun and Good Wine”

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So you can take this to the next level …

Study of the thermal behaviour of traditional wine cellars

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This article studies the hygro-thermal behaviour of two traditional underground wine cellars from Morcuera (Soria, Spain). The differences between them are analyzed and our hypothesis is that one of these constructions is better than the other for the ageing of wines. The hypothesis takes into consideration the existence of a temperature difference of over 2 °C between them as a basis for reaching the aforementioned conclusion. However, the relative humidity inside both of them is 100%, which could pose problems if the presence of mould is not controlled.