Theo Dancer & Roc Breïa

Seems like a new Burgundy rockstar in the making, but does anyone have any tangible insight into Theo Dancer’s wines under his father’s label Vincent Dancer and his personal project, Roc Breia?

Definitely a fan of Vincent Dancer, but would appreciate any insight into Theo’s style and, perhaps, any change in direction to the family’s domaine.


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And there are also the wines under his own label “Theo Dancer”.

Calling @William_Kelley and @ThatcherBakerBriggs for insights…

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Theo has been working at the Domaine for quite a few years now. But he really took over responsibilities fully in 2020. It’s the vintage he would say is his first full vintage.

Not much has changed in the cellar with the exception of removing new oak, but besides that the wines are made in the exact same way. The one change is what’s happening in the vineyard, Theo is looking at a lot of things. He has been looking at small yields to increase density of the wines, looking at planting other things in the vineyard and perhaps that maybe high density isn’t everything that people wanted it to be.

The Negoce project was started with 21 vintage and tiny amount of Chard in 20. The wines are mostly made the exact same way. He is traveling around France and getting grapes from friends. Those that work incredibly well in the vineyard. The wines are vinifed quite cleanly, and they are really not that far off from classically styled. Gringet for example was done in half barrel and half egg and then blended. It’s as clean if not cleaner than the Belluard counterpart. Gamay is very light, almost Cerasuolo-esque. The Chard and Aligote are very much in line with the Domaine wines, although a bigger texture in 20 from this plot of Chard. PG a one time wine, sadly, because its great! Only US (Thatcher’s Wine) and NYC got an allocation of this. Savignin - more on the classic, more reduction side as opposed to the oxidative side. Really great wine.

Roc Breia is a project in Macon where Theo has gotten involved and making all the critical decisions. 1 white and 1 red, all separated by plot then blended. Red is super light and elegant, very lovely lifted aromas. The white is quite classic to the Domaine wines, but of course from Macon. They are quite impressive considering first vintage, Macon in 21 was destroyed! Certainly one to watch especially as he implements more of the choices he wants to make in the vineyard

@William_Kelley said some very kind things about RB. I don’t believe he has yet fully tasted through the finished wine of Theo Dancer. He did just review the un-bottled 21 Domaine however.


Amazing! Thanks for the insightful information here @ThatcherBakerBriggs. Looking forward to trying his wines in the future.

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Yes thanks for the insight. I was looking at Theo’s wines (from his project) but was scared off by prices that were, for me, a bit aggressive considering the lack of information I had.

I totally understand.

It’s fair to compare the pricing of first release similar Negoce project. So something like Les Horees, Charles Lachaux, Croix / Courbet - the pricing is either the same or tiny bit less.

The domaine wines have blasted into a whole other stratosphere these days. I think Gamay, Aligote and PG at around $40 should hopefully represent great value if you do try them!

Perhaps a bit more than the negoce of Ganevat but the quality is so much higher.

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A few of these bottles have just arrived into Australia but numbers are extremely low. Seems that a lot of retailers are holding onto them for the time being