The world's finest Grenache is from ...

Southern Rhone, France? Australia? Spain (Priorat - Garnacha Tinta)?

I’m sipping a Saxum G2 blend and thinking … is it possible that the world’s best Grenache comes from the California Central Coast? Wildly aromatic and deep, but focused and tense.

Because of the breadth of great wines, it still has to be CDP for me. That being said, I’ve had some wonderful Grenache from California from A Tribute to Grace to Tablas Creek to SQN.

Southern Rhône followed by California.
I think a lot of people don’t actually understand Grenache. I read tasting notes on CT about how meh a Grenache is that I find spectacular.

The can only ever be one answer: Ch Rayas.

You need to try an aged Rayas to know!

I’ve tasted Rayas and really enjoyed it. Have you tasted Saxum, SQN …

Rayas, when on, is the greatest Grenache.

Australia makes some superb Grenache wines, from old vines that you may not have seen in the States. Names like Cirillo, Ministy of Clouds, Bekkers and Yalumba’s Tri-centenary are all worth seeking out.

On bottles of Rayas are next level. I’ve had a few underwhelming ones too though. Saxum honestly underwhelmed me too though. Maybe I just don’t love Grenache lol

Live in USA for 11 years and got to try plenty. Have had Saxum and SQN and others. No comparison to the quality of Rayas for me.

See what Jeremy who drinks better than pretty much every one else on WB says;

Best Grenache I’ve had the last two years was from Chile

Beaucastel. Because it has a heavy Mourvèdre cut.


Rayas no question.

The best Grenache I’ve ever had has actually been from Priorat, I think that region should certainly be in contention.

Yes, yes and yes. They are different. I think the best I have had is a 1999 Rayas about 3 years ago, but it is completely different from Saxum or SQN. I love all three, and own all three, but the Rayas is something special and very sensual and sexy, while no one could accuse Saxum or SQN of that. It’s like merlot. There is some really good merlot. I have Masseto only one, blind in a flight of three, and my response was “Holy shit, this is incredible.” Ne plus ultra.

Must be that outhouse problem. Beaucastel is a disgusting puree of used water from a toilet.

I know as much about Grenache as I do about the social structures of dung beetles, but I did enjoy the extremely slutty Alto Montcayo a few years back. Almost new world for a spaniard (which I suppose isn’t that much of a stretch with an Aussie winemaker at helm).

Rayas is the world’s finest, while Saxum and SQN are among the world’s most flammable.

Well sadly because I have never tried Rayas I will have say commando g in Spain is really killing it right now.

Rayas is the d’Yquem of granache. No comparisons. But also very unique in its character. Grenache is most typically part of a blend. It is difficult to pull off a pure grenache. Regional terroir influences are important. I find the Priorat best able to do this. Domestically I think the Cayuse GOK is one of the best but my experience is limited.

My go-to burger wine [thumbs-up.gif]

Ha, hardly any merde at all!

Wait until you finally pop that 07 Raffault Maggie that you have been lovingly maturing under your feather pillow.