The Wine Check Introduces TWO new products!!! (BerserkerDay Pre-Order Only! FREE GIFT!)

You asked, we’re delivering!

"The Wine Check is too big”, “It needs a telescoping handle”, “I need a road-warrior bag”…

For several years, we’ve been developing a new product, one that can not only satisfy the hopes and dreams of the telescoping handle fan club, but do so much more. This new Wine Check product was created for YOU, the one traveling with wine all-the-time, the road warrior, the one taking wine across town as well as half way around the world, looking for a high quality, long-lasting durable and multi-function wine bag.

Introducing the Multi-Purpose Wine Check Elite!!

What’s different? What’s new?

Multifunction: Created of 1680D Ballistic Nylon (the same used on fine luggage, for greater durability and puncture resistance, a higher quality material than the 600D used on the standard Wine Check), this new Wine Check serves multiple purposes. You can check 6 bottles of wine using a standard 6-bottle wine shipper box, or place a 12-bottle ‘case’ box inside, or use the removable padded 12-bottle inserts - a great tool for wine reps, or baller wine geeks showing up to a tasting with a full case in tow.

Convenient: Telescoping handle and wheels, so you can roll this bad boy with ease. With 6 bottle transport via air, the weight of a telescoping handle and supporting material is possible

Utilitarian: Wine warriors now have pockets for additional literature, price sheets, tasting notes, love letters…

Stackable: Travel with two FAA-regulation bags stacked one on top of the other (when using shipper boxes)

Portable: Folds to less than 6 inches in height, so you can easily place it in your luggage and fill it when you arrive at your destination

On BerserkerDay 2015, ONLY Wine Berserkers community members will be allowed to pre-order this amazing multi-functional piece of wine travel awesomeness (due in stock end February/early March)

But wait…there’s more!!

“What about the other new product?? Why haven’t you told me about that yet?”

The other product The Wine Check has created is something we have designed to perfectly match - in material (1680D Ballistic Nylon), size, and shape - to the Premier 6-Bottle luggage, for those who can’t attend a wine dinner or tasting event without their own choice stemware:

The interior has padded dividers to customize how you hold three of your best stems, and it nests perfectly atop the Wine Check Elite!

PRICING: **The Wine Check Elite is priced at $119.00 without the shipper box, $127.00 with a 6-bottle shipper box with Styrofoam insert
The Wine Check Elite Stemware Case is priced at $42.50

Both will be available for sale on our website and other retailers starting this Spring, but you can preorder your Wine Check Elite now (6-bottle shipping box NOT included), and we’ll include the matching stemware case FOR FREE!!! (A $42.50 value)**

The Wine Check Elite, no shipper box (supply your own from one of many BerserkerDay purchases) plus FREE Elite Stemware Bag ($42.50 value) - $119.00

The Wine Check Elite, with 6-bottle shipper box and Styrofoam insert, plus FREE Elite Stemware Bag ($42.50 value) - $127.00

Looking for a discount on the original Wine Check??

Yes, we haven’t forgotten about those who wait for BerserkerDay to buy their Wine Checks, and this year, while our focus is the launch of the Elite line, we will also offer a 15% discount on any of the original 12-bottle Wine Checks via our website, only for Berserkers. Go to our shopping cart here and use code BERSERKERDAY6 for 15% off any 12-bottle Wine Check, good only Jan 26 and Jan 27, 2015

For the third time in as many months yesterday, I had more than the 6 bottles that my old Wine Tote could handle to bring to a tasting, and then saw that it is starting to wear out. Then I see this offer.

Curse you, Todd, for offering this just when I realized that I needed something like it, and while my bank account is already under siege from the other BD offers and the Rhys offer that hits tomorrow.

You’ve had an issue three times in three months that this product solves…you need to get one.

It was actually my second BD order (after Briceland), out of the 5 I’ve placed so far.

Oh yeah, there it is!!

Todd, can you please briefly compare this with the original Wine Check? I’m trying to decide which I would prefer.


I thought I did above, but I guess I didn’t do a good enough job!

Original Wine Check - pull strap, two wheels, holds 12-bottle shippers, 600D Nylon.

Elite - telescoping handle, two wheels, holds 6-bottle shippers or 12-bottle NON shipper boxes or the included padded dividers, 1680D Ballistic Nylon.

Essentially the WC has one use - transporting 12 bottles in the airplane. The Elite has multiple functions - check 6 bottles on the airplane, carry around 12 bottles in one of two ways, and it folds smaller and is made of much higher grade material


Going to pick up 2 original units to ship some wine home with us from our summer trip to Napa. Thanks for the discount [cheers.gif]

Forgive me for the ignorance, but what’s the difference between transporting on the airplane and checking?

Thanks, Todd. Sometimes it’s hard to capture everything on the iPhone.

Terminology, but the same thing - the airline industry calls it ‘checking a bag’ - you are still transporting it, but to ‘check’ a bag, you have to do so like your own luggage. Yet, you can ‘transport’ your wine in a number of ways - walking it, sticking it in your car, etc. To check wine, however, you better have it well protected…

Thanks. I ordered one of the old wine checks today. Do you recommend any additional safety measures for checking a full 12 bottles with the old version wine check. I’m used to just stuffing them in luggage full of clothes with no room to bounce around. Im a little worried about it getting tossed around by luggage handlers.

No sir - we’ve sold tens of thousands of them, and they safely transport wine each time! We even had some friends make a video to replicate what it is like with the airline industry: (it’s not me, nor Shawnda, as you can see in the video)

Good enough for me, haha. I can’t wait to use it on my next trip. It will save a lot of headache. Thanks for the responses.

I don’t recommend doing what was demonstrated in the video, but it’s worthy to see!

In for the new model!

The way you guys are buying, you will need something to travel with, right?

Waiting for the stem carrier . . . .

Probably early March if you want to wait to buy just the stem carrier…but it matches the 6-pack, so you should get both [cheers.gif]

Nice combo set. Fits my general needs even better than the original. [cheers.gif]