The Wine Check - BETTER than Rollback pricing...

The Wine Check is offering a 20% discount on ANY Wine Check via our site. Available in standard red (shown), red with mini logo, and black with mini logo. If you don’t yet have one, shame on you, as how can you travel if you don’t travel with wine?
If you DO have one, don’t you need another one?? flirtysmile

Use coupon code BERSERKERDAY5 for your 20% discount champagne.gif

Good only through 1/27/14 - not eligible for early purchases, cannot be combined with other discounts.

You folks are going to need a method of transporting the cases and cases of wine you are purchasing today, right??

These are awesome - I am buying 3 more.

Bought mine during BD IV last year and I love it! Can’t imagine how I lived without one for so long! Will definitely be using it when I head up to NJ/NY for Rieslingfeier and a wine dinner with friends next month.

I love mine! Although I do prefer the black option; it ‘blends in’ with the rest of your luggage so you don’t look like a wino or wine snob. [snort.gif]

One for me and one for a gift.

BTW, my old eyes read the code as BERSERKERDAYS. Took a couple of tries before I realized it was the number 5 and not the letter S.

Three more? How many of those can you drag through an airport?

I have one, it’s a pretty cool item. I get lots of comments as I pull it through the airport.

Black is one of the options - the code works on any of the three color combos

Bit for a new one also. Thx for the deal

We have 1 already and since we always pack 4 cases as luggage (we use a luggage cart for the wine and drag our luggage) I figured why not have them all match [basic-smile.gif]

Thanks! needed a small logo one

I didn’t stop to notice you’re in the business; I can see how you might have need to bring several cases with you somewhere. All the more reason to have The Wine Check.

Sorry, I wasn’t implying that it wasn’t, Todd. Just stating my preference.

I might pick-up another, depending on how badly I blow my budget today…

Kept me from going completely) nuts when I couldn’t get it to work.

An amazing deal for sure. If I didn’t already have three of them I’d order one more.

Three?? You should have donated the one you won 2-ish years ago to someone more needy!


Already got a shipping email…awesome!

Damn, Todd… you guys are really turning around the order processing and shipping. Fast.

Picked up another one. Don’t leave home without it.