The Wine Check - BerserkerDay Exclusive Design/Price (SOLD OUT)

The Wine Check

Yes, for all you whiny wine travelers (or is it ‘wine-y’?), we’ve got a Wine Check JUST FOR YOU!

Some are scared that their wine will get stolen when in The Wine Check, (even though with over 10,000 sold, not a single bottle has been reported stolen. neener ) because it says ‘wine’ on it.

Then there are those who want black because either they are dull and have no desire to become more like Charo, or they are hipsters and only ‘do black’, or are devoid of the joys of color (like RED) in their rolling wine luggage, and want to keep it that way.

Lastly, The Wine Check is run by two people who love all you Wine Berserkers (or MOST of you, anyway) - Shawnda Hansen and yours truly - so we will answer your plea, and offer the following:

BerserkerDay Exclusive BLACK Wine Check, with NO LOGOS OF ANY KIND! AND rollback pricing to our original $49.00 level.


Yes, that’s right - we have 50 of these bad boys, JUST for Berserkers (like Tyler Rico). We will never repeat this, so take advantage of this blank rolling canvas, and decorate it yourself (like Linda Baehr’s jeans).

There is no description on the site other than ‘BerserkerDay Wine Check’, either with or without shipper (it’s far more expensive to ship it with the shipper box/insert, as it bumps it to oversize, so keep that in mind, and with all of your wine purchases today, I’m sure you’ll have a shipper case SOMEWHERE!) - the only photo is one you’ll all recognize. We have it this way so that those who go to our website don’t know what it is, and don’t order it, as it is just for Berserkers!

Here’s a photo, too:

Gots me one biatch!


I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks Todd!

Great to have the weblink!! I am always sending people to Napa Wine and Cigar because I know they carry them. Where are they on my side of town??..Sonoma/Glen Ellen-ish?

I don’t ever fly with wine, but looking at this tote got me thinking about the number of times I lug a full case from my car to a hotel room. Just the wheels make this a useful tool. In for one - thanks Todd! [cheers.gif]

Cool, I didn’t know such a thing existed! This will work great on international flights.

Woo Hoo! In for one!

(though shipping seemed a bit steep, does this come Full?) neener

That’s what I was thinking on the shipping, Scott… we should have combined shipping on ours, though! doh…

+1! [thumbs-up.gif]

we’ll need the folks at The Wine Check to eventually make a carry-on size…


Gloria, you can WALK to our warehouse - it’s the old Gemini’s building, about 3 blocks from your tasting room off Arnold (on Carquinez)

You’re killing me on the shipping.

How about free local delivery to The Peaks [wow.gif]

Working on it, and a 6-pack.

Looks like we’re nearly half sold out already - wow. First time I’ve been on THIS end of BerserkerDay! Now I see why everybody returns for more offers each year!

FYI, that’s UPS rates, straight up, with our volume discount, even!

Just be sure you order WITHOUT a shipper box! Much cheaper.

I’ve been waiting for this!


If only we knew someone who could combine our orders and refund some shipping… [help.gif]

Anyone have any idea how much it weighs empty?

Another big [welldone.gif] on plain black…

What does shipping look like to the East Coast without the insert?

Is local pickup in So Cal available? Ready to pull the trigger.