The Walls 2014 La Lutte

Really exquisite WA St Chardonnay made from Columbia Gorge fruit in Walla Walla by Ali Mayfield. As close to say a domestic Puligny as we have tasted. Displays lovely balance tonight with calamari and locally made cocktail sauce. Not fruity, not nutty, not oxidized, not experimental - just right. Good acidity but not bracing and a smooth mouthfeel.

As good as we remembered from our visit about 2M ago, and we all know how often that turns out to be the case!

We didn’t drink a lot of new producers this year but The Walls was definitely our find. We took home a Syrah too, maybe this time next year for that wine.

These are good folks, and I liked some of the wines quite a bit. this will be a fun one to watch.

We are both excited to taste thru what they are doing when we visit for Cayuse weekend later this year.

Glenn, now that you’re living in Oregon…what are the top 3-5 new producers you’ve found in OR & Washington that you like?

Did very little wine exploration last year, way too busy professionally. The Walls was definitely our find of 16, going back to 15 I’d say Cowhorn.