The Vinothek in Bernkastel Kues

Finally got the chance to visit the Vinothek. Wife and son gave me 1,5 hrs during our annual Mosel pilgrimage.

Bernkastel is one of the more tacky Mosel villages, probably only surpassed by Cochem. Picturesque, tourist trap and dilapidated at the same time.

The vinothek is an awesome place. The first task is finding someone willing to sell you a ticket. 18 euros plus 2 euro pfand gets you a glass, a list of wines and unlimited tasting of the 130 wines on the list. The cellar contains racks with wines and descriptions of the wineries. The bottles are placed in coolers from which you serve yourself. I was alone for most of the time. Only spoke briefly to a German couple that was as bewildered as me. Where to start tasting? How to select?
What is also awesome is that there is a phone in the cellar which you can use to ring up the staff to bring you pretzels or other snacks. Did not use this though.

I decided to focus on dry riesling. Most wines are entry level of the different wineries, some dry kabinetts and spatlesen as well.
I was looking for basic, aromatic yet ethereal rieslings.
Very nice was the 2015 Sybille Kuntz, kabinett. For 18,50 too expensive for a basic riesling though.
Since I parked the car at the other side of the bridge, I had to carry the wine for some distance which was a bit difficult after tasting 24 rieslings in a short period. Because we had some other scheduled appointments with wineries , I only bought 2 bottles of the rieslings I liked best. (My wife drove us back to our ferienwohnung)
Bastgen, 2016, blauschiefer, Hoffmann Simon, 2015 Klusserather Bruderschaft and the 2015 dr Loosen Blauschiefer. The last wine is well available but I liked it…
Prices in the vinothek are good by the way, the dr Loosen cost me 11 euro, less than back home in the Netherlands.

Some of the more expensive sweet wines are served at the counter only. The Thanisch, 2010, Berncastler Doctor was my favorite, tasted this wine after I emerged from the cellar with my basket of dry rieslings.

This place is a Temple of Mosel wine. You can experience the incredible variety and expression of this region in a short period. Absolutely mindblowing experience. Highly recommended.

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Thanks you for posting about your experience with Vinothek. My wife and I will be in the Mosel valley for a few days in late June. We’ll definitely make this one of our places to visit!

Differing tastes. I rather like Bernkastel and find the vinothek largely uninspiring.

I didn’t care for the Mosel Vinothek either. In Bernkastel, I would recommend Rieslinghaus (Weinhaus Porn). It has a great selection of Mosel Rieslings.

For tasting or just buying?

Small selection for tasting. Unparalleled for buying.

In addition to many top Mosel producers (J.J. Prüm and Egon Müller), Weinhaus Porn also has a few select Rhine producers (Keller, Schäfer-Fröhlich, and Dönnhoff).

One more vote for Weinhaus Porn where the people were very welcoming and offered a few glasses to taste after a few question to understand what could catch my interest.
So I could taste Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Ur-alte Reben, which was quite a discovery.
Moreover there were a few bottles with some age on them at very reasonable prices. Including several 2010, a vintage I love (but didn’t buy on release, because I started buying Riesling a year later).
Thanks to Lars for alerting me on the Rieslinghaus with an article on his site.

You’re welcome. My piece about Weinhaus Porn is from a few years ago, but the wine shop still has a great selection of Mosel Riesling.