The ultimate thermometer from Chris Young

I’m still a novice with reverse sear, so take this with a grain of salt. I think you’re definitely going to overcook if you let the meat get to 130 during the sear, but that probably also depends on a number of factors, like how long or if it was rested. The carryover temp will keep climbing quite a bit, and Chris has a number of videos that discuss.

Initial phase seems fine, but I’ve heard you want to rest in between initial cook and sear. My guess is most any searing approach should be fine after that provided the pan is hot enough. I use the display almost exclusively for this method also, but it’s not necessary to consult with the thermometer readings during the sear.

Someone check my math or provide other experiences?

I never leave the thermometer in there during the sear. No real reason. It’s super useful for the low and slow process, but once you get to the temp you want, you pull the thermo and then you just sear for 45 sec each side like you said and get a perfect crust.

I have never used a thermometer in my steak during sear. Was under impression that was one of the benefits of this thermometer so was giving it a run.

You absolutely can, but I wouldn’t use the temp reading to gage how long to sear. Chris has only recommended removal for people who are cooking on extremely hot surfaces (above 550 degrees) and who are worried they will break the thermometer. In 99% of use cases, you can probably leave in to track the internal temp. He’s also noted that above that 550°, you get a more bitter flavor to the sear. Resting between the initial cook and letting the carryover do its thing seems to be the key prior to searing.

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I didn’t mention in my steps, but the steaks rested. Anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

That’s actually why you overcooked the outside. If it rests, the inside cools down. Then you try to recook it to 130 and the outside is way overdone. That’s why no thermo for the sear process.

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I haven’t used any of the new algorithms/software updates because it has been a while since I cooked something thick enough to need it.

But, I did complain about the predictions (up thread) with searing or grilling and was told at that time that the predictions were not appropriate for that style of cook. Maybe they are now.

However, it didn’t take long for me to extrapolate the data for my own circumstances. Basically, once the center approaches 100º, I pulled it and the carryover eventually settled around 125º.

I love having the data available and it makes it a useful tool for me. I think it will excel with roasts. It’s a cool toy/tool and I’m curious if the new software updates improve the predictions based on my common use.


Mine was just delivered. Ist problem was they sent an compatible charging cable.

. The cable with the smaller opening is the one that was sent. The one with the larger opening is what I need. Wrote to them but no response. I could use a tutorial because the instructions are a bit skimpy.

They shipped a cable with your Ultimate Thermometer? It’s just a USB-C.

Yes, thus the photo and the comment. I borrowed a cable from a different device to charge my devices. I just thought it was a bit strange.

Interesting all of mine have come with the correct USB-C charging cable. They must have had a batch get packaged with the wrong Micro USB cable by their vendor.

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I am not sure mine came with a cable at all? I guess maybe I forgot. I have so many USB-C cables that I tend to just toss out new ones unless they’re really nice.

Does anyone else find it a real pain to update the firmware? More than half the time, it just stops midway through the “uploading” phase and eventually times out and you have to restart. With 4 thermometers, display and 2 boosters that means you have to sit there for 30 minutes retrying over and over to get them all updated.

Went smoothly for me last time with 3 probes, one display and 1 booster.

I have 2 thermometers, 1 booster, and 1 display, and I’ve never had a problem with firmware updates (though I haven’t had them very long, so I’ve only done it maybe 2 or 3 times).

Funny, I just received my replacement thermometer. The original became non responsive thanks to the last update.

Oof! I just tried to update mine yesterday and two of the kept failing and now won’t connect at all via BT. I hope they aren’t bricked. :cry:

Take the thermometers out of the case to discharge for at least for 48 hours, they may come “back to life”.
Also, email support

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Yeah unfortunately they are all too familiar with me. I’m pretty sure I’ve had both the original thermometers replaced under warranty and maybe one more also. If these two are now dead, they might just blackball me…

Another steak video from Chris Young:

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