The Smoker Thread - recipes, techniques, ideas

Ok, now that I’ve done it the old fashioned way, I am ready for easy! Does any one have a Bradley smoker (or similar thing)? What are your thoughts on these? are the results similar to the old fashioned way of using actual chips???


In doing some research, I just saw that a lot of people like the Traegers too. Is the Traeger just as easy to use?

Other than to tell you that the “old fashioned way” is with logs, I hope to have some hands-on experience with a Traeger soon if you’re not in a hurry.

haha…i guess i did it the conventional way!

Man that’s an awesome name. Bradley Smokers. I wanna be that guy. Drive a Trans-Am.

Zach, this is the Bradley that I have" onclick=";return false;

I love it. I have had charcoal, electric and gas smokers. I just don’t want to stand around poking and prodding and adding wood anymore…this thing automatically adds the wood puck at a preset rate and I just “set it and forget it” as they say

I am very very happy with it, I can’t say it enough

Steve, I am leaning towards the Bradley as the other seems a lot more expensive.

How is the clean-up with it? i would imagine that the drippings get all over the place inside???

Looks like a pretty good “mother’s day” special on the Bradley website." onclick=";return false;

Clean up is actually really easy, it is stainless on the inside as well…can’t say enough about it…you will be very pleased

Bit the bullet and ordered this one last night. Should be delivered via fedex on Friday." onclick=";return false;

Looking forward to some brisket and ribs this weekend.

Haha…I ordered the same thing on Wednesday!

I have a bradley smoker.

FWIW, Michael Ruhlman says the bradley is the best non commercial smoker a consumer can buy.

Fed Ex just delivered mine. The only thing i needed to set it up was a knife to open the box!!! I was expecting some setup. If it is as easy to use as it is to set up, I will be smoking EVERYTHING!!! Pleased so far.

I just "seasoned"mine…That sure produces a more uniform smoke than my home made tin foil smoke packets on the webber!

Slappin some Bluefish on this baby tomorrow!

Brine first. The key to smoked fish is the brine.

Will do…I’ll let you know how it goes.

I might have to get the cold smoke attachment and do some cold smoked salmon too!

Get bagels first.

In order to cold smoke, what temp are you looking for?

Just seasoned mine too. Got me some baby backs and a partial brisket to go on Saturday night for Sunday.

Jim Beam smoke pucks for these.

This looks like a cheap way to try the cold smole method." onclick=";return false;

Before spending another $100

Jewish here…I ALWAYS have bagels :slight_smile: