The shutdown of sports and other activities is going to give me time to . . .

So what is all this extra time going to allow you to do . . .

  • Organize my wine cellar
  • Reorganize my wine cellar
  • Drink more wine
  • Travel to US wine destinations
  • Travel to European wine destinations - I’m a US citizen so I can get back home.
  • Read more books about wine
  • Take on online course about wine
  • Enter my wine into Cellartracker for the first time
  • Spend time creating silly wine-related polls
  • Other. ______________________ describe below.

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Select the wine-related activities you will now have more time for.

I’m going downstairs soon to work on reorganizing my cellar.

Hah! That is exactly what I just posted over in the ESPN thread. Perfect time for some much-needed reorg!

Post on WB.

Not sure about travelling to Europe. Yes you can get back home, but some of the countries are shut down. I had to cancel a trip because of it.

I’m going to spend some time today in the cellar trying to make room for deliveries coming this week I have no room for.

No real potential to travel in Europe, and I’m right next to it. Wish that wasn’t true.

I am reading more on wine- Jasper’s books on Burgundy.

Finish my bathroom project.

Shower floor stone set this morning. Grout in a few days.

Yeah, but you’re handy with that kind of crap. How about those of us who are klutzes? I just finished at zachys tasting some really good California wines. I brought my own glass from falltacular and I rubbed in some alcohol when I left.

Great reorganization work. champagne.gif

More time to hunt for toilet paper