The 'Post-BerserkerDay' Hangover thread (MERGED)


This year’s BerserkerDay is a MONSTER (as you’ll soon find out!) - I had the help of several members of a committee - Baptiste D., Jamie (Meserole), and Jeb Singleton. THANK YOU to all of you, for your work and assistance and advice for BerserkerDay 2012.

A super special thank you goes out to Jeb, however, who spent HOURS soliciting deals/offers from wineries that he saw were interesting to this community (he literally scoured threads to find suitable BerserkerDay offerings), and HOURS more working with me on a master spreadsheet. I could not have completed this without Jeb, and the event could not have been as broad and unique without the members of the committee.

Here is my own public recognition of Jeb, and the BerserkerDay Committee (Baptiste and Jamie), and I encourage you to pile on and thank them. Perhaps you need to wait until you see the offers, but the Donors know full well the scope of this day, and can start pretty much immediately!

I’d like to thank Jeb’s sister. [wink.gif]

Seriously though, thanks to all for their help!

Power of Berserkers!!! [berserker.gif]

Dude, the Cassoulet is finished - go to bed!!


Get it right buddy; it’s “acostarse-o”.

Tu eres acostarse-o!

I just poured some out for Jeb the Homie…

Thanks Homie

Thanks Jeb and the rest of the bd crew for your efforts and flexibility on timing and all things wine.

Thanks Jeb, Todd and everyone involved…should be an awesome day.

I’m still new here and just learning the lingo, but the dedication members have shown to putting together what looks like a pretty great event is really impressive. I have no doubt I’m going to be throwing down my CC on wines I would have otherwise never known, and that’s pretty cool to people like me that are new to the game but trying hard to develop an appreciation for great wines by great winemakers. flirtysmile

Thanks to all who make/will make this enormous undertaking look like nothing.
Great work!

A big Thank you Jeb!! Todd!!! and all the moderators!!!

Duérmete, tranquila, mañana es un dia grande…

Thanks to Jeb, the committee and to Todd for making this happen. [cheers.gif]


When I get off of work (9AM, 1/2 day!!), a champagne toast to Jeb and the crew for all their hard work as I fire up the computer for a long day of BerzerkerDay offers. I don’t drink pepsi , so I can’t do a pepsi toast to Todd, so someone does drink pepsi will need to pop a pepsi for me in his honor. pepsi

Thanks Jeb, Todd & everyone else.

Geez, you boys ( n girls if there are and involved) really put a monster of an event together.

Great job, and thank you! [cheers.gif]

You might be thanking me now, but your significant others might not be so happy when they find out about your binge purchasing today. Seriously, thanks for the compliments. I hope the wineries have a successful day and that the members enjoy these offers and buy heavily.

Great work Jeb, that’s one heck of a list!!

thank you all

Glad to hear it. Now we just have to buy a shit ton of wine to get them to all come back. Somehow I don’t think buying will be an issue.

THANK YOU to all on the committee (Todd, this even includes you! [tease.gif] ) for the endless hours – heck, DAYS – that I’m sure you’ve all put in organizing this palooza. [worship.gif] [worship.gif] [worship.gif]

Your efforts are very much appreciated. [thankyou.gif]

  • Brian