The Original Eataly in Turin/Torino Italy

Oh my! The original Eataly in Turin Italy is big and beautiful. If you’ve been to New York and walked that location, it’s small and crowded. This one must be 20x’s the size of the NY location. It’s big and spacious, not to mention dinner for 2 was 38 euros (about $48USD) all in with wine. Cheap!
It’s a destination all by itself.

The location is off the beaten trail, but it’s around the corner from the very hip AC Marriott. That’s there new European chain.

You foodies are going to love this place. They do have a smaller location in the city center… By smaller. I mean a standard storefront.

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. We made a special trip there for groceries when we rented an apartment in Piemonte last year and were enthralled - me especially as it was my first experience there. Every vegetable was gorgeous, and they have little plastic mitts you put on to pick out and bag your lettuce. The espresso at their bar was also great, and much needed when just off an overnight flight!