The Official Wakanda Cookbook!

I was at the library today to renew a few books and found Marvel’s “Official Wakanda Cookbook.” I brought it home to show to my grandson tomorrow. The author is Nyanyika Banda, of Malawi descent, but I think born in the US.

There was a recipe for lamb stew with “warm” spices including whole cinnamon, powdered ginger and powdered allspice, and ras el hanout. I had all of the ingredients including some uncooked leg of lamb left over from making lamb burgers a few days ago. I tossed it together and slow braised it for 2+ hours at 275 degrees. Smells delicious. Will eat it tomorrow.

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It’s tomorrow, damnit. How was it?

I was having too much fun setting off model rockets with my grandson and I got back late. We will have it tonight and I will report back!


After eating it last night, I would rate it excellent but not outstanding. I have never made a warm spice stew before - ginger, cinnamon, allspice, ras el hanout - with a strong meat like lamb, but the balance was quite good. I will make it again with lamb or beef and I think I will add more root vegetables like turnip or celery root if I have them and then increase the meat to balance that. Is it from Wakanda? Of course not. But the author is from Malawi and it may well represent an African stew.

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