The Official Screaming Eagle Waitlist Thread

  1. What is the (approximate is ok) date you signed up for the mailing list?

  2. When were you offered your first allocation?

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Signed up in early 2013

Still waiting and will be forever.

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  1. What is the (approximate is ok) date you signed up for the mailing list? January 15 2013

  2. When were you offered your first allocation? Still waiting

If memory serves, it’s about 7 years.

I guess the Official (spelled with one L) Thunderbird waiting list thread is due soon.

SIGNED UP: 1/29/2012

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Signed up for the waiting on 9/9/2007. Still waiting.


You will need a helicopter


Is that better than a limousine with a trailer hitched to it?

Signed up 8/9/2008 and no allocation

Caymus Special Selection in 1985 was 125 cases. The lesser wine, Caymus Napa was all estate fruit. Lesser than that was Caymus Cuvee, from a mix of sources. I believe but am not certain the SS is now 4000 cases including those sent straight to Japan. The Napa is a mix of sources. There is no Cuvee.

That’s all fine, because they are not advertising either as rare wines. My point is, that’s the natural progression of things.

When Screaming Eagle started it was 225 cases, actually less than that was actually sourced from the SE vineyard in 1992.
Does anyone know the current and planned actual case production, or whether the acreage that is earmarked, for the flagship wine, has increased? I have no idea.

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1). Approximate date=Today right after I saw this thread
2). STILL waiting

I got my first offering for the 2011 vintage and it was over a ten year wait at that time

2008 fall I believe. Obviously still waiting.

From memory when I brought this up a while back in regards to Realm Absurd, they were making about 500-800 cases.

<Edited case production number for 2017>

The calculus is easy. When the cost of the wine released from the winery approaches 75% of the cost of the wine at auction, you will be granted access. To prove my point, try signing up for Harlan Estate this year. You will be able to buy in a flash. The cost of SE at release is still roughly 50% of the cost at suction or the open market.

Harlan pushed the envelope of release price to the point where in a lot of cases you can buy recent releases for less than current vintage price. I wonder where they are storing all those unsold bottles of wine? I cannot believe they sell completely through each vintage at the current market price and with their production levels. Of course I’m not a multi millionaire either, must be nice not having to worry too much about actual profitability vs image of the wine.

Better yet, just go out and get some of the tremendous stuff from a dozen wineries here in Berserkerdom that can actually be obtained for less than a king’s ransom? The gap between SE and many, many other wineries has narrowed over the years to the edge of a razor. Anyone want to organize a blind tasting of current darlings with SE and post results? I am in…

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And I believe the grapes from 1991 went to Paradigm.

2006, still waiting, but will pass when offered.

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I signed up in, I believe, 2004, and my first vintage on the list was 2012. It took a long time, and they even called to inform me that the price had increased appreciably and asked if I still was interested.

I was still interested.

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When I first started exploring wine circa 1999-00, I sent 3 initial requests to be added to mailing lists. Alban and Cayuse quickly sent me mailers to purchase, screaming eagle sent me Email letting me know the list was so long they weren’t even adding people to the wait list any longer. I wish I would have pressed harder at that time to get added. I might not still be buying but probably would have at prices a few years ago.