The Official Panzer Attack Thread

I enjoy the blends of surreal and common sense.

Lightbulb can be glühbirne which translates to “glow pear”.

In Dresden, the students we were hanging out with called bicycles drahtesel which is “wire donkey”.

And zeitlupe, or slow motion in English, can be translated to “time magnifying glass”.

The one that can tie it all together is wortschatz, meaning vocabulary, is your “word treasure”.

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Peace through Strength.

Must have been a while ago, because that is incorrect :wink:

It’s Fingernagelentfernerflasche.

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Autocorrect in german must be fun!

Germans don’t need autocorrect :roll_eyes:


Well, this is correct for a “bottle of fingernail remover,” whatever that would be (I think of some potion in Harry Potter). I don’t know what Tom’s teacher may have taught him, but a bottle of nail polish remover does indeed have the word polish in it: NagelLACKentfernerflasche.

Anyone into these compound words can google “Rhabarberbarbara” or just ask your kids about the German dance on TikTok.

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You’re right on the Nagellack, but Tom’s word was also incorrect in the sense that “Fehrner” in Fingernagelfehrnerflasche is not a word in German. It’s “Entferner”.

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To bring it full circle, you may have encountered the word Fahrvergnügen… this was actually coined by the first guys to drive the Panzerkampfwagen.

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Nah, definitely a Mark IV. They have a Mark III down at Fort Knox and it’s noticeably smaller and more oval shaped with a 50 cm barrel without the bore evacuator at the end.

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Funny! I’m not sure how the “h” got in there & now that you mention the “ent” that sounds correct but i’d completely forgotten that. I thought I was remembering it accurately but must have lost a few letters over the last 35 yrs!

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Morgenmuffel - this word describes someone who is grumpy in the morning and doesn’t like to wake early.

My Bavarian mother swore to me that a trombonschienenritzenputzer (sp?) was a trolley-track cleaner. FWIW, translate bots disagree.