The Leroy vertical tasting cancelled, but....we had a great time!


Nice. Impromptu anything is awesome. The best nights (who am I kidding…and a BUNCH of DAYS) I’ve had were when plans were derailed and like-minds adapted and overcame.

I’ve been to many good planned events, but those are almost NEVER the cool stories.

The coolest stories start like this: “We got kicked out of the tasting because the girls we brought started taking their clothes off in the hotel’s fountain. We grabbed a few bottles and went to (insert a restaurant we couldn’t really afford)…”

Love those nights (and days).

Great Post [thankyou.gif]

(good to hear about the state of the 2000 lunchbag)

Enjoyed reading your notes. [thankyou.gif]

Did I drive home? I thought you drove? [dance2.gif] [dance2.gif] [drinkers.gif]