The latest Biggio Hamina BQR offering is a PICK SIX.

Here’s the latest offering, it’s all Pinot unless you want Sangiovese. $265 for the 6er with free shipping.

Pick six, yep, you pick the six you want. All Single Vineyard. Mix and match to your hearts content, or all of one wine, it’s your choice:

2007 Deux Vert
2007 Momtazi
2009 Deux Vert
2013 Old Farm
2014 Youngberg Hill
2014 Holmes Gap
2015 Claygate
2015 Holmes gap
2016 Kiona vineyard Sangiovese (WA)
2016 Claygate
2016 Noel
2017 Claygate
2017 Holmes Gap
2017 Johnson Ridge
2017 Lia’s
2017 Noel

or I can pick for you

or I can some add 2008 - 2010, those quantities are very low. 2011 and 2012 are gone.

These will ship out after Tuesday of next week.

Thanks very much!

Make it a case for $500.

Swap in a 12 or 17 Caroline and the price is $320 for the Sixer, $615 if you double it to make a case. And that right there is a deal.