The Last Resort, Athens, GA - VERY GREAT WINE LIST!

commercial post: The owner has bought my wine in the past and apparently will do so again.

This is a great college kid restaurant with very good food and a great, grown-up wine list. After a tasting with the owner, lunch and a look at the list, I took the list with me to do my homework and booked for an upcoming dinner.

The owner is justifiably proud of both low margins ($20 over cost on anything he pays more than $30 for, increased over time as necessary) and a great broad selection. There are about 15 each white and red by the glass, priced from $5 - 9 for a six ounce pour. If I were to pick five glasses, they would be:
2006 Argyle Brut - $8
2009 Simmonet-Fevre Sauvignon de St Bris - $6.75
2009 Ponzi ‘Tavola’ Pinot Noir - $8
2007 Louis Martini Napa Cab - $7
2007 ZD Cab - $9

I identified some hopefully great and definitely rare wines on the list for far under retail.

We started with 2008 Peter Michael ‘Ma Belle Fille’ for $86. This is one of the very greatest California Chardonnays I’ve ever had and there have been very, very few white Burgs that are its equal. Very young, intense, powerful, but balanced with excellent fruit and floral notes. Rated high 90s.

A good wine, but disappointing in light of expectations was the 2008 Aubert ‘UV’ Vineyard for $87. Very powerful with lots of fruit, but to me lacking varietal precision and definitely showing more alcohol than I would want. Rated high 80s.

The owner saw I was not thrilled with the Pinot and went and got a 2005 Maysara ‘Mitra’ from Oregon. This was a classy beauty with the varietal character and balance I did not find in the Aubert. Rated low 90s. I don’t know if the owner brought the bottle as a professional courtesy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he would do it for anybody unhappy with a wine selection.

Other wines on the list I found interesting and fairly priced include:
2008 Jermann Pinot Grigio - $45
2009 Ferrari-Carano Sauvignon Blanc - $24
2008 Ramey Russian River Chardonnay - $45
2007 La Spinetta Nebbiolo Langhe - $33
2005 Tignanello - $100
2008 Plumpjack Oakville - $80
2006 Shafer Hillside Select - $190
2005 Harlan Estate - $500

Organic and Biodynamic wines are indicated on the list.

The food is very good with a southwest orientation, very inexpensive, big portions. No reservations, but a list as you walk in. It is apparently always very crowded. Decent stemware that gets better if you order fine wines.

An incredible wine destination that could be worth the 1 1/2 hour drive from Atlanta.

Dan Kravitz

Swillmaster (itb)

Dan, I haven’t been there for many years but I always enjoyed Last Resort. Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the shout out on the 05 Mitra, I really enjoyed making that wine, but given the dark circumstances surrounding my departure from that job… I have none.