The Kids Are All Right

The avian reproduction is in full swing with many species finding nesting areas in the vineyard. The first picture is what I believe to a house wren making a nest in a snag of our black locust end post in the chardonnay block.

The second is of newly hatched chipping sparrow youngsters in the head region of a chenin block grapevine. This is the second year that chipping sparrows have nested in approximately the same area of the chenin blanc block.

We commonly get bluebirds and gold finches nesting in our grapevines with the gold finches preferring high spot on the trellis. The ironic thing is that I just put up a bluebird box in our south field per our commitment to a Conservation Stewardship Program. Last year it was a bat condo. I think the bats and birds do not need our help to find a suitable home.