The Joy of Aged Riesling - Keller and JJ Prum

I love, love, love all of the German Riesling activity on the Board of late.

Enjoyed two beautiful aged rieslings this week (so far).

2001 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenhur Kabinett

This is the type of wine that has made me tell younger collectors to go as deep as they can on 2021 Kabinetts. Many years ago, after I discovered how much I love aged Kabinetts I spent several years (this was more than 10 years ago) trying to backfill and it was near impossible because the wines never came up at auction or retail. Despite my age I am adding ~100 cases of Kabinett to my cellar from 2021.

This wine was absolutely beautiful. Still has a little acidity and zip. Beautiful petrol and fruit aromatics. Delicious and focused on the palate and just an absolute harmonious joy to drink. Perfect for what I wanted at that moment.

2008 Keller Abts Erde

Of the Keller GG’s I think I have had the most overall great experiences with Abts Erde. This was only the third vintage. What a wine! It has aged so gracefully. I honestly did not know what to expect from this wine. I brought it for Sarah and Jonathan as I know they like their GGs with some age. It still has great extract and depth from the old vines but is tasting much lighter than I would have expected. It is still lively on the palate. Aromatics are lovely The fruit flavors are ripe but not exotic. Another joyful wine to drink…

Fun trip down memory lane. A Crush offer from 2012 at $58!



Nice notes.

I am struggling a bit with the idea of 2001 as aged. :wink:


This is the first 2001 I have had that I can honestly say was maybe even a touch on the other side of peak. I did not buy it on release so who knows how it was stored for part of its life.

The most exciting wine I have had this year was an absolutely riveting 71 Lauer Ayler Kupp Kabinett so I hear you on what counts as aged.

Just Kabinett?

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Thanks for the notes, Robert. I found a case of the 2001 Wehlener kabi in bond last year and the bottles have been really fresh. I agree its lovely, although I think sweeter wines are the sweet spot for me that year. I think the Keller wines have gotten better and better over time. Around 2012/13, the shift in style is pretty dramatic and I can’t wait to see what happens when those have 20 years.

I’m sorry, 100 cases of 2021 kabinett?!

Will there be any left for the rest of the U.S. market?


This is not counting the three Kabinett Trockens I made for soilpimp selections.


100 cases for your private collection? Damn…

I have bought 25x 2021 Kabinett’s for my cellar… by far the biggest I’ve gone in a vintage when it comes to riesling :sweat_smile:


It is a vintage style that I love and we might not ever see it again or at least rarely with global warming.


Thats still a lot of wine to drink hehe!

But fair enough… if i had the money, i would probably also go crazy on how much i buy from my favourite wineries around the world.

Back on topic, then this Fritz Haag Kabinett completely turned me onto well aged Kabinett last year:


Well I am in awe.

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100 cases at two bottles a week only lasts about 14 years.

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You forget that Robert never opens just one bottle :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda my point. 100 cases is like a 3 month supply. :wink:

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Wife and I had 2001 Weingut Reinhold Haart Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese with thai for dinner last night. My wife thought it went perfect with dinner.

Still have a couple cases of various 2001 JJ Prum’s since the wife loves German Rieslings. These Reislings age for a long time.


Wow 100 cases!! I thought my 10 cases of 2021 rieslings was a lot. Time to buy more!

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I’ve clocked in at 10 cases as well and realized how much of a plebeian I am

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Last I bought 100 cases of Riesling was 2019. Only a dozen cases or so this year. Not my style like Robert’s.

(FYI keep in mind Riesling cases have always been 6 bottles in most cases)

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Why would you buy any Prum 2021 when their pricing has been ramped up suddenly to stupid levels? Silly


And the dollar is strong. Current wine pricing is just wine merchants trying to F us over. Wake up.

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