The Grill, NYC

Thinking of celebrating a milestone birthday (50) for a French friend of mine at the Grill. (She is extremely well traveled, but this will be her first time in NYC; she is flying in from Alsace.) Views on the Grill? Is is good/great? Good/great for a celebration (for a French-National first time visiting NYC)? What is their corkage? They have a great, deep list, but very expensive. I’m happy to e.g., buy a bottle of bubbly, but have great aged Burgundy and/or Bordeaux I’d prefer to bring, rather than paying steep tariffs for non-spectacular wine. Assuming they have corkage, will I get blowback there bringing wine (I’ll make sure it’s not on their list, of course)? I have spent a good amount of time in NYC, but don’t live there. Thanks in advance for your help. Theo

I was turned off by it. Food was ok. Space grand. Wine list very overpriced. Very expensive. A very macho expense account type place. For reference I eat out regularly and travel the world for food. I prefer Nordic, Japanese etc. and smaller chef owner type places. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions.

If it were me and I really want to splurge I would do Brooklyn Fare.

Never been to The Grill but have enjoyed many nice experiences in NYC. Is there a type of food style or something to keep in mind? A steakhouse? A tasting menu? Something off the beaten path? Something considered “fine dining” or can it be chic and fun? I mean to go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum - - I compete in BBQ competitions, so I am by no means a vegetarian, but it was one of the more memorable NYC meals because it was colorful food, cheerful atmosphere, great presentation and very tasty food. But it is not dark/cozy like a steakhouse. The best sushi in my experience is Sushi Yasuda - but not sure about a corkage fee, I usually just enjoy a glass of Sake.

As suggested above Brooklyn Fare is really great especially if you want to splurge. If looking at Brooklyn also consider Vinegar Hill House.

Its a bit out of NYC but Blue Hill at Stone Barns is always a treat and sure to impress. Very much splurge-worthy though it is a train/taxi/car service out of the city. Michelin Guide basically re-wrote its definition to include Westchester County just to include this restaurant in its guide of the area. They have an outpost in the City but never went to that location, just the Farm location in Westchester.

For me personally, the NYC steakhouses have mostly become corporate expense places. Unless I have a friend who really wants to go I tend to go elsewhere.

I’ve eaten at the Grill twice. Once with one of the owners and then again for La Festa del Barolo. I thought the food was very good and the space is so special. If you are looking for a seriously upscale NYC restaurant, I would highly recommend Ai Fiori.

It’s great for a business dinner where someone else is paying. Grand setting and service and the food is surely tasty in an objective sense. I’d maybe pay out-of-pocket once – but probably not twice.

The Grill has a fairly high corkage fee, if I remember correctly (maybe like $70?)
It does have a very good wine list though.

We got Bizot there once.
Not sure what you’re into but for example they have anjou france - loire valley 9273 stéphane bernaudeau les nourissons 2016 for 150.

I would check out Crown Shy downtown NYC.

Gentlemen - Thank you all. I will be revisiting once we get a little closer (and Coronavirus is in the rear-view.) Question, though, on the service - from when you walk in, to treatment at the table, are you welcomed & treated well (including re bringing an aged Burg/Bordeaux)? Or is this a ‘you-are-so-lucky-to-be-with-us’ service type of place? (i.e., for me at least, a strong pass.) Robert, really appreciate your comments re the food - and everyone for their input. Thanks in advance.

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