The greatest use for bacon ever!

Bacon Beer Stein!

[worship.gif] [worship.gif] [worship.gif] [berserker.gif]

only way to top that is a bacon bong

[swoon.gif] [worship.gif] [winner.gif] [swoon.gif] [worship.gif] [winner.gif] [swoon.gif] [worship.gif] [winner.gif]


Speechless. Wow. [winner.gif]

That bacon beer stein is great, but the greatest?

Not even close to this . . .

I’ll take the beer, thank you very much.
Now I’m hungry AND thirsty.

BTW, what would be your favorite beer to serve in the bacon mug? I’m thinking something dark and smoky like a Spaten Optimator.

Well that’s not Kosher! headbang

Sure it is, it’s beef bacon! I have a local butcher who marks the packages “Beef Bacon” for me so I can get it by my wife. If she looks at this thread, she will tell you it looks just like the beef bacon we have at home. neener

I think my wife would have a bigger issues with the other aspect of Ken’s picture than the bacon.

It’s all un-kosher to me ! You had me worried for a minute when I saw you posting in here, I was hoping I wouldn’t find pictures of bacon wrapped Matzoh Balls [wink.gif] .

As far as beef bacon, he’s going to get [pillow-fight.gif]

It’s nothing more than presentation. It is really hard to ruin good bacon.

You can reassure her that those are both nice Jewish girls!

My wife found an interesting recipe for bacon infused bourbon. We’re thinking about giving it a try over the holidays. If it’s not disgusting, I’ll post it. Bacon + Bourbon = can’t be bad.

Beer for the stein:
Shlenkerla Rauschbier
Of course!

flirtysmile 2nd best beer in the world, to my palate flirtysmile … so good it doesn’t even need a bacon stein … i lovingly refer to it as “the bacon beer” … thinking specifically of the Urbock version.

Peter, you like German Rauchbier and real heavy metal … we must hang out sometime.

ken, the belly piercing betrays your lie