The Great Wine Berserkers Bordeaux Tasting Challenge

Can I send her to your shooting range with an anonomous invitation for free Manolo Blahnik shoes?

Sure thing.

Great, Roberto can supply that.

Bulkin, I expect you there.

We can always do vodka via a booze luge:

While I have some familiarity with Bordeaux Rouge, I have never tasted a Rogue Bordeaux… so this will be novel for me…

Whatever. [wink.gif]

You dimwits are ARMED? If I was Jeff …

Serge, now be nice. And no, no word from Jeff as of now.

OK Corral is a few hundred miles due west of here, so we probably won’t make it there. Without a doubt there will be a big Flannery fueled after tasting dinner party.

Nitwits…get it right!

Serge, thanks.

I think Phil Robert will be his bodyguard - he’s juicing right now, getting ready for the gun show.

I have a location on deck for the tasting event itself. I will discuss with the proprietor and confirm our plans and intentions.

Serge, I have one up one you. You may see from my last name that I am also of Russian heritage. Fuck your drunk Russians… No one ever messes with Russians from South Philly. [basic-smile.gif] [pwn.gif]

I see your Russian from South Philly and raise you Russian drunk with the tank!


[truce.gif] [truce.gif] [rofl.gif]

Is anyone bringing Gaja?

I don’t think so…but we are volunteering your house for you for the after tasting dinner.

With Mommy dearest presently on the warpath, it’s difficult for me to prepare for any departure Tex. If you make the event on a Sat evening, in the Fall, I can probably make it. Any pre-festival festivities would be a problem. I am always open on Sundays.
Have palate will travel. [thankyou.gif]

What does Yoni have to do with this? [tease.gif]

Rough. True, but rough.

That’s Yonni on the right, in blue.

Thanks Phil, If I took him interstate on one of her visitation days she would call the FBI. [help.gif] [middle-finger.gif]

Nice. flirtysmile