The Great Wine Berserkers Bordeaux Tasting Challenge

I would hope to be present - not sure of when it is, and what’s going on for me during that time, but I’ll do my best to be there. If Jeff doesn’t show, can I have his seat? [wink.gif]

Definitely shooting BEFORE the wines…even here in Tejas.

I have a 1911 from the Kimber Custom Shop, so you would feel right at home.

Excellent. I’d better get some practise in then so as not to unduly embarrass myself at the range - as I just may do that at the tasting. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the range. The last one I used to go to was an indoor one nearby and the fumes made my sinuses act up badly the last few times.



Who are the others?

Other wine lovers in general. newhere

I love wine lovers.

OK then, you can come.

I got connects at the Men’s Club down there, if you want a good spot to host this thing!


I don’t think that two dollar perfume and cigar smoke is very conducive to wine tasting…not that I would know about such things. Plus, I just don’t trust Serge in there. [wink.gif]

I would like to make it Tex, but my schedule is less flexible than Jeff’s. pepsi

Now I’m interested. Couldn’t tell you squat about BDX, but I can bring things far more fun than a regular 1911…or just more 1911’s [dance-clap.gif]

You really need to do something about your ex-wife.


We can break out the .375 H&H Magnum and give watermelons some grief. I should have a new Ruger Piston AR-15 soon enough as well.

I have 2 of the new Para’s (really the original ZM’s) that I’ve never even fired yet. Short barrel and that folding stock make for a really compact package.


I dont think Dr Crane is a vineyard in Medoc neener

Correctamundo…plus we all know how Mike just loves BDX.

Just as a clarification, those that I would like to attend need to have an established “rep” of being a bordeaux fan…either on WB, eBob or personally to me. I think those already on this list in the OP have proven their street cred in this regard.


The Men’s Club has a great VIP section, or so I have heard…

Haha…maybe for the after, after party with a three liter of Ace of Spades.