The future of Chardonnay

I have seen it. It was bright and shiny. The future of Chardonnay. It is spelled: G e r m a n y. The Times They Are A-Changin’ (stay tuned…).

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I keep saying this! I am organizing a major Chardonnaystudy along the lines of the Spatburgunderstudies and I have titled it The Next Frontier!

I say only this… June. 23rd. Enough said. :sunglasses:

What types of price points will German chardonnay compete in?

What is the style like? I like Chardonnay from fairly neutral wood. The trend here in Argentina is to use cement or tank which I don’t really love.

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Top German Chardonnays mostly stay under 80 Eur (domestically)

Sadly in the U.S. the pricing ranges from $30-150.

I find a variety of styles. Some are straightforward, Burgundy or Chablis like and others have this unique hypothetical blend of Chardonnay and Riesling. And some veer a bit into the Natural camp (e.g. Dostert). Almost all have wonderful minerality. I don’t like oak but have the highest tolerance for it with chardonnay, with that said I think most German chards have a judicious use of oak.


If you can find a Chardonnay Castelberg GC from Martin Wassmer, you will start with a true benchmark of German Chardonnay.