The Fulcrum Caucus- The Making Wine Great Again Deal!!

Our Berserker Campaign for your Order. Up to 30% off and Shipping Included!

In this crazy political season we want everyone’s vote…… uh I mean purchase. So no matter who you support we have a reason for you to buy(like our amazing wines at a discount aren’t enough reason):

If you are a Trump supporter it is because we think you are a LOSER if you don’t buy our wines(especially at 30% or more off).
Do you feel the Bern? You should buy because you despise the big corporate wine system run by Wall Street that makes you drink inferior wine. Wake up!
Is Ben Carson your guy? Well, we have successfully separated conjoined clusters of grapes to make this wine. Can Rand Paul do that?
Maybe you like Martin O’Malley. We also are just happy to be here.
Ted Cruz your cup of tea…party? Bringing down the Washington cartel is easier to do after a bottle of our Pinot(shipped for free).
Hillary supporter? You have been waiting 8 years to get your turn at our Pinots. Now is your time!
Jeb Bush do it for you? Buy because you really thought this Berserker Day would be going better… $%#^&* Trump!
If you like Rubio we have some of the youngest wines for sale on Berserker Day
Christie float your boat? You are probably sick and tired of the morons and idiots in your way of buying great wine.

We are running a national campaign and can ship to almost all states, red or blue. We very limited amounts of all wines. This special offer expires January 28th at Noon.

If you are just learning about us, we note some polls(reviews) below and you can always visit our website for everything you want to know. Thank you and we would like your support!

SONOMA TWIN PINOT PACK(2 bottles) $89.00 plus tax(Regularly $112) Shipping Included!
Two great properties and wines. Landy is in the heart or Russian River off of Westside Road. This Pinot is elegant, but rich with a silky texture. Gap’s Crown in the Petaluma Gap brings a berry and spice profile that is very deep.
1 Fulcrum 2013 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and 1 Fulcrum 2013 Landy Vineyard Pinot Noir Russian River Valley.

TOUR OF CALIFORNIA PINOT PACK(4 bottles) $149.00 plus tax(Regularly $225) Shipping Included. Only 5 available!
A bottle each of our 2013 Pinots from Anderson Valley, Chalone, Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley. A great way to see how the grape expresses itself in different parts of California
1 Fulcrum 2013 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Sonoma Coast, 1 Fulcrum 2013 Landy Vineyard Russian River Valley, 1 Fulcrum Brosseau Vineyard, Chalone and 1 Fulcrum Anderson Valley

LANDY VINEYARD RUSSIAN RIVER PINOT AND PETITE PACK(4 bottles) $139.99 plus tax(Regularly $200) Shipping Included!
Landy is a rare property that can ripen both Pinot and Petite Sirah to perfection. This very steep vineyard has Pinot growing down below in the fog and Petite growing above the fog line getting constant UV rays. Tucked in back of the famous Rochioli Vineyard.
2 Fulcrum 2013 Landy Pinot Noir and 2 Fulcrum 2013 Landy Vineyard Petite Sirah.

POWERFUL PETITE PACK(6 bottles) $180 plus tax(Regularly $270) Shipping Included!
We sold out quickly of the 2012 Vintage and we are just releasing the 2013 Landy which is a bit bigger and bolder if you can believe it. If you like powerful Napa Cabernets you will fall in love with our Petite and at 1/3 the price of many Napa Cabs with this deal.
6 Fulcrum 2013 Landy Vineyard Petite Sirah, Russian River.

2013 Gap’s Crown Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir- (Wine Enthusiast 92, Pinot File 92, Burghound 91)
2013 Landy Vineyard RRV Pinot Noir- (Wine Enthusiast 92, Burghound 91)
2013 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir- (Pinot Report 90, Wine Enthusiast 90, Burghound 90)
2013 Brosseau Vineyard, Chalone Pinot Noir- (Wine Enthusiast 93, Pinot File 90)
2013 Landy Petite Sirah (Just released but some scores on the 2012 include Wine Enthusiast 91, Rhone of the Year- Tom Simoneau)

Check out the wines at Reviews are shown in the News and Events section of the site

To take advantage of these offers send an email to and let us know what you would like. As we mentioned, we have very limited quantities of all the wines so first come first served. We’ll call or email you back and coordinate payment and shipping. You can also call us at 732-610-9602

We’ll allow the politics in this post, just because it’s BerserkerDay :wink:

Can you ship to MA?

A little levity. Nothing mean spirited.

Absolutely. We love Mass and can ship there. Order away!

Tour of California still available. If so put me down. I ll email you later if okay?

Ok Chris. We will set one aside for you. Email us when you can. Thanks!

I absolutely will. Trying to put together dinner for friends and a baby. Later this evening for sure.
Thank you

No problem. It is yours. Thanks again.

Down to our last Tour of California Pack. Get it while you can. A few other great wines left!

We are working hard to answer everyone right away. We appreciate the patience. It is worth it! [highfive.gif]

Extending our offer to 5pm tomorrow to allow us to get everyone’s order in. Don despair we have wine for you.

Email sent

Didn’t get it Chris. Please try again at (two n’s). Thanks.

Okay I tried again. If it doesn’t go through this time I will just call you.

Anybody else get their Fulcrum? I am curious, cracked an Anderson Valley last night and it was in a word, not good. I had opened it for dinner company a couple hours prior and just re-bottled it and opened something else. Tried again tonight and not pleasant. They are new producer for me. They seem well regarded on CT so I will assume an off bottle. Just wondering if anyone else has opened a bottle yet.