The Four Horsemen Cookbook

I’ve seen not just one or two mentions and appreciations of The Four Horsemen in here, but a lot. This might be old news to some, but Nick Curtola is launching his, or their cookbook, and recently he started sharing recipes and hyping up the book on reels via IG.

I’m especially looking forward to it due to the unconventional but simple dishes he makes.
Here’s a link to pre-order;

And here’s a quick recipe i’ve made a bunch of times now backed by some good music; Nick Curtola on Instagram: "DAY OFF COOKING VOLUME 8: Golden Curry Steak au Poivre!! Pretty happy with how this turned out. Ended up with a nice cut of Wagyu beef this weekend and was looking for a different take on the classic Steak au Poivre we all know and love. Wish I had some cognac for the sauce, but the potatoes were crispy and the super thin steak wasn’t hammered (cooking and filming at the same time is tough 😅), so I think I still came out on top. ✌️ #curry #steak #homecooking #chef #crispy"

That’s it.


quite pumped for this.

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Thanks - a bunch of great stuff, pretty good music as well.