The forgotten Marc de Bourgogne and Fine de Bourgogne

Not very common to find Marc and Fine de Bourgogne in North America. One of the best houses, if not the best, in Burgundy is Jacoulot (located in Romanèche-Thorins - Southern Burgundy/Beaujolais). They have been around for nearly 125 years and can be found in top restaurants in France and nearby countries.

The difference between Marc and Fine is that Marc is the result of the distillation of the solid matter (skins, pips, etc.) that remains after the pressing of the grapes. Jacoulot exclusively uses Pinot Noir grapes, which are systematically ‘‘extra égrappés’‘ i.e. destalked.

Fine is very similar to Cognac and Armagnac. It is an eau de vie produced from the distillation of the “clair de lie”, i.e. the part of the wine that is not bottled (lees + wine).

Have you tried any Marc / Fine?
Marc 7yo detoure copy.png

To clarify, is “Fine” then a “better” quality than “Marc”? I have a bottle of Marc from the cellar of Chandon Briailles, which is quite nice. Also have one from Dujac which I have not yet tried. One that I really liked had the label Vieux Marc de Bourgogne Egrappa, ETS Clavelier, Nuits St Georges.

Fine has a little bit more volume and is slightly longer on the finish.

Jacoulot Marc is made from destalked (égrappé) Pinot Noir grapes only. Maison Jacoulot is a distiller /maturer. They are also renowned for their Prunelle de Bourgogne (sloe berry liquor 40%ABV) and Crèmes de fruit.
Here is their website for more info Maison JACOULOT – Depuis 1891 – Established in 1891 in southern Burgundy, France, Maison Jacoulot crafts exceptional products: Marcs and Fines de Bourgogne (brandy), liqueurs and whiskies. I dont think they are imported in the US or maybe just NY but they are in Western Canada.
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Most seem more expensive than, and not as interesting as Cognac.

Are there any that buck that?

I quite like Fine.

The best available in the US with any regularity are, IMO, Vogue and Roulot. Chevillon’s is, IMO, a disappointment. Angerville’s is terrific but haven’t seen it in ages - the Marc is more common and tastes like marc - that is to say, its a bit rough. My next purchase is going to be one of the d’Arlot’s that are being distributed on the west coast.

Generally, Fine is not as good as a cognac at the same price point but has more “character”, as it were, with the exception of certain artisanal cognac producers. For whatever reason, it doesn’t taste like Armagnac.

I love both, but have trouble finding Fine stateside (or a good selection of Marc). I have a stash of DRC Fine and a couple of d’Angerville Marcs remaining (1935s) (each of which are in hiding), and a small selection of other Marcs from Faiveley, Catron, Clos de Tart, Chevillon and a couple of others, as well as a Mouton Rothschild marc d’Acquitaine and a couple of marc d’Bandol and even a marc de cava (I like the rough stuff). I need to try the Jacoulot based on your recommendation.