The first tragedy from my new wine cellar

Not one but two (including my last) bottles of 1996 Truchot MSD Clos Sorbes opened Saturday were corked!

Only after we dumped them down the drain did it occur to us how funny it would be to take both bottles - purchased years ago and elsewhere - down the street to Weygandt’s DC retail store for a return to the importer.

Ouch! I feel your pain, Maureen.

condolences losing irreplaceable wines.

Bummed about the wines, but glad you are into your new cellar.

Well, the move is still a work in progress (it takes forever! Especially since I am trying to cross-check my inventory).

Pics? (of the cellar)

and location, key . . .

Did you make sure to exorcise the demons of foul corks when you finished your cellar?

This sounds like a conjuring of evil “spirits.”

To be safe, use a decent wine to wet the floor and sweep it around. Think good thoughts while doing this and it will keep away the demon TCA.

Persistent evil spirits. You and Truchot wines were not meant to be together, Maureen. I cast my mind back to our dinner 5 years ago…

"2002 Jacky Truchot Clos de la Roche

There are calls of slightly corked. On the aroma, it is hard to tell—if it is, it comes in and out. Kevin detects and Matt seems to agree, Maureen and the others are not sure. Still discernible black strawbrry and blackberry fruit with some spices. To taste, a little light in feel which I wouldn’t expect, still fine with bright red berries. But I do get a little cardboard at the back of the throat, so I think my verdict is yes. I’d like to try a clean bottle, but many thanks to Maureen for bringing this extra try."

Enjoy the rest of the new cellar, though!


Do you think they would have replaced the bottles? That sucks - and should not be allowed. Why should you suffer because of a faulty closure? Makes no sense . . .

Ooh, it’s worse than I suspected.

You may have a TCA-pparition.

Burning sage wafted about the cellar on a fruit and root day is called for. Luckily, tomorrow is one!

That is, indeed, a shame, and you seem to be taking it in stride, but I don’t understand why this might be funny. Inside joke? Missing something?

I think it’s funny to think that someone would take a 20-year-old wine to a different store than from where it was purchased and ask for a refund or replacement from an importer/retailer of a producer who retired after the 2005(-ish) vintage!

Scott - you never know what’s in the back storeroom…it’s always reminded me of the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Haha - good point!

(Also, my condolences to Maureen. All corked bottles are tragedies, but some tragedies are clearly greater than others.)

Scott nailed it.

I had someone try to return a 15 year old (maybe older) bottle of KJ VR Chard to my store that had only been open about 3 years at the time.

Ouch…that sucks.

Glad to hear about the new cellar, Maureen. What did you end up doing for racking??