“The Discerning wines of Rajat Parr”

No disrespect to Rajat, but I just got this e mail from Sotheby’s. I don’t think even he can breathe that much life into a wine.

what did the rest of the email say, if you can share? Ive had mixed feelings even with the Sandhi wines that Ive had, enough so that I havent rushed out to buy all his experimental stuff that he’s been coming out with recently. i will say I typically like what they do in Oregon with Seven Springs though.

PM sent

wouldn’t it be the wines of the discerning Rajat Parr?

Hey, those wines better be careful what they say. CERN is a very important research center.


In Pursuit Of Discernment.

I think that was Mark’s point (Houdini wouldn’t make the wine capable of discerning anything) but it took your clarification for me to get the point.

I absolutely love Domaine de la Cote.

Sentient wines…we’re doomed.



I blame GMO

I’m sorry Dave, but I can’t open the cellar door.

That’s alright, as most of the wines are still monolithic.


Here is my new points system
50 points given
15 points nose
25 points flavors texture and finish
10 points discernment.

Good one!