THE COSMIC PIPE 🪐 Violin Wine | Eola-Amity Hills Pinot noir SOLD OUT--THANK YOU!

Cue The Cosmic Pipe :ringer_planet: :rainbow: :satellite: A Violin Wine production

Thanks again to Todd, Brig — the entire foundation of humans responsible for this online nexus of vinous and epicurean engagement — for including Violin in another edition of Berserker Day. We so appreciate the support of this community on a number of levels, and hope to enhance the day’s landscape of opportunity with a unique but smaller scale offering. We also have a donation item if you haven’t checked those out yet. (We regret, due to smaller production, not offering any of our recently bottled 2022 Chardonnay this year!)

What is the Cosmic Pipe? :thinking:

[ Koosah Farm | Block 1 | 5 Clone Dijon Mix Pinot noir | 95 cases produced | 13.5% alcohol]

Our preferred moniker for the highest block of Pinot noir in the Eola-Amity Hills, farmed in loving concert between the seasons’ rhythms and the human efforts and wisdom of Kevin and Carla Chambers, their son Nate, and the dedicated Veteran team at Stirling Wine Grapes. The only Pinot noir to the West of the property’s 1100’ summit, this helix shaped 2.15 acre block was planted to 5 dijon clones in 2016, and spirals downhill away from its namesake “Radionic Broadcaster” (aka the Cosmic Pipe), firmly affixed in the Basalt cap of this dramatic spine among the highest altitudes of the AVA.

We crafted wines from Block 1 in 2019 for the first time and again in 2020, but the 2021 was the first time the young canopy delivered full health and balance, and the perfect yield of 34 hectoliters on the near hectare. From start to finish, things were in harmony, exotically aromatic and intense, and the eventual wines yielded some of the finest tannins we’ve tasted in our cellar. We aged this bottling for 16 months in barrel before blending to tank for a month prior to bottling in late March of 2023.

This vintage would be the swan song of a wonderful life improving the Oregon Wine industry in myriad ways for Kevin and Carla, and I can’t help but think of this bottling as a testament to their decades of effort and exploration in the relentless and unforgiving art of both farming and winegrowing. It was our pleasure to explore these possibilities with them.

In January following the harvest, they sold their farm to Résonance, (a group who kept, for their new winery’s name, the name of Kevin and Carla’s former property which they also purchased in 2013). We have transitioned to working with other partners and decided to blend our 2022 Block 1 into our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir (bottled on Monday—it did not hurt the blend!). As such, our 2021 Kooash Pinot, The COSMIC PIPE, will be our one and only. We hope this community will appreciate the chance to have a one-off bottling dedicated to the incredible work of well intentioned veterans of the game. :rocket: :flying_saucer:

View to the West from the top of B1, harvest 2022 on 10-19

Great shot of our daughter in 2021 doing the “Cosmic Pigeage”


*Special Pricing for first 120 bottles is first come first serve SOLD OUT
*Second 120 bottles and mixed Eola-Amity Hills packs are on order form SOLD OUT

For Orders, message here, email or call Will, or use order form

Retail Pricing for 2021 Koosah Pinot noir: $390 per six pack | $780 per twelve pack

–This Deal is first come first serve and not on order form. Additional flat rate shipping where applicable

SECOND 120 Bottles:

Cosmic Sixer:
Cosmic Case:

Eola Mixer Sixer: (2 each of 2021 Koosah, Witness Tree, Polk County Pinots)
Eola Mixer Dozen: (4 each of 2021 Koosah, Witness Tree, Polk County Pinots)

SHIPPING is Flat Rate–choose the appropriate option on order form please
6 pack East of Rockies= $30
12 pack East of Rockies=$60
6 pack West of Rockies=$20
12 pack West of Rockies=$40

-Sorry, we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Utah-

We plan for shipping in two batches. First will be in early March/late February. Second will be in April. Please advise with your preferences should you require shipment

Local Delivery FREE
Winery Pickup option available

Have a wonderful Berserker Day, and thanks for checking in with us. Here is an image of our friend Jackson Holstein (Granville Wines) observing the Cosmic Pipe for the first time. What is it that he found inside I wonder?

Beautiful example of a ripe Pinot cluster at picking in '22, framed by late season senescence

And a great shot from Monday’s bottling–talkin shop after a hard day’s work

If you’ve gotten this far, we are making two of the following special offer in honor of bottling our Tenth vintage of this cuvée on Monday:

6 Year Vertical in 1.5L Magnum
Willamette Valley Pinot noir
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Two Cases available
$450 per case
Flat Rate Shipping if applicable

Check out our website to learn more about our project, vineyard partners, or to purchase other wines not included in Berserker Day 15

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Just noting that Will’s Pinots (and Chardonnays) are some of the best in Oregon. Meeting Will was a highlight of my trip to Oregon last summer, which also included visits to some of this board’s favorites, like Goodfellow, Patricia Green, Kelley Fox, Vincent, and Morgen Long.


Buy with confidence! Holy smokes!


Just sent an email as well - in for a Cosmic Sixer!

Just emailed for a sixer as well.

Can I get a Cosmix Sixer? I’ll e-mail also.

Just emailed for the Koosah 6er
Thanks Will!

emailed also, hoping for a 12er!

Is it too late for the 12 pack…

I’ll take a cosmic 6er. Will send email shortly. Thanks Will!

Just ordered the Cosmic Sixer - real excited about these! Hope I made it in the first 120!

Order form submitted for a Cosmic Sixer, thank you!!

Emailed for Cosmic Sixer. Thanks!

Any chance still for a Cosmic 6?
Will email

Will is one of the best! A great individual who also happens to make outstanding wines.

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Email sent for a 12 pack if still available!

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WE got you covered James!

In for a 12 pack and some 1.5’s :crossed_fingers:

3 Things:

  1. If Will didn’t make stunning wines AND wasn’t a fantastic human, then I wouldn’t sell him my grapes.

  2. Never met a winemaker who gets as excited about the vineyards he works with as Will - and it shows in the clarity of expression in his wines.

  3. Be careful, his excitement is infectious.