The Conscious Collection: A Virtual Fine Wine and Spirits Auction, April 9

While we all love to give Antonio a hard time, knocking down the guy on top being at least an American past-time, you have to give the man his due. This auction, in partnership with Zachys, the Spectator, and distributors in support of those hurt by Covid in the hospitality industry has some nutso lots. I’m not sure if I can afford to bid on many of these lots, but just reading through them is a blast.

Kudos to all involved for puling together a fascinating portfolio of wines, events, and encounters.

I have nothing to do with any lot or anyone involved, as far as I know. Just want to support hospitality workers and recognize the efforts of those who can help helping! That is not always the case these days.

Now I’m going to get back to reading the auction catalog and fantasizing about winning a few lots.

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Antonio is definitely my favorite non-William-Kelley reviewer out there.

Edit: Dinner for 6 at Mugneret Gibourg! 2400 starting price daaaayyuummm sweet lot.

Lot #24 would be fantastic!

Whoa!! Private lunch at Ch. Petrus!
The Heitz tasting & dinner @ French Laundry paired with 3 decades of Heitz wine sounds neat to me!

Poor Matt Damon, barely scraping $1000.

I would love to have dinner with Christian Mouiex at Dominus. Ugh would be amazing!

I’m confused though, what is the point of bidding now if there is a live auction for it on April 9th?

It allows you to automatically bid on the day it goes live.

If I win the dinner with Mary J. Blige can I BYOB.


This is a wonderful idea and I totally agree with Gregory.

Win the La Crema auction and bring that…

I’m thinking we pool our money and take down the Bon Jovi and MJB auctions and then turn them into a single Berserkerfest in NY.

Like Brig’s suggestion, and agree that there are some amazing “experiences” in there, as I guess folks put it. I myself could not put the catalogue down, in part because of the strange mix of things vinous–there are other wines and events I would never go near, no less bid on. But still, finally getting to my point, shouldn’t it be the “Conscience Collection,” not the “Conscious Collection”? I don’t really get what the latter means in this context–we are conscious of others?

Perhaps an indication that we shouldn’t sleep through it?

Agreed, I thought the title was corny. I renamed it the “Un-Concious Collection” in my head, because I’d be unconscious after throwing a party with the 15L Nebuchadnezzar of Belaire Rose. Lots a large format offerings…

You probably won’t need to - I think she’s teetotal!

Maybe she’ll be the one BYOB:ing.

EDIT: Whoosh! newhere