The Cocktail Thread

I noticed that while we have threads devoted to Bourbon, Scotch and Rye, and a very very vibrant one dedicated to Beer, we don’t have one dedicated to Cocktails. So I figured I would start one. Please post about the cocktails you enjoy, the ones you are making at home, the ones you try out at bars and restaurants, the ones you are curious about, etc. Try and be specific about what you liked and didn’t like, the ingredients you used, the glassware, etc. TIA


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Last night I made an Americano. It was a pretty traditional version. Made with Carpano Antico, Campari, Fever Tree Club Soda, ice and a twist of orange. Very tasty.

I’ve never had an Americano but it sounds delicious. I like Campari a great deal, either with soda or in a Negroni. Usually make the former at home – not much of a cocktail guy, especially at home.

Negronis are also a favorite.

Hard Eight: Rhum Barbancourt 8 years, Barritts’s Ginger Beer, fresh lime juice, Peychaud’s Bitters.

I’m actually thinking of getting back into cocktails. I’ve sort of abandoned them for beer/wine with things like neat Scotch too…but I like a good Manhattan, Negroni, etc.

Never had that but it sounds fantastic. Dumb question, but if I ordered that in a bar, would they have a clue how to make it? [scratch.gif]

Joy Ride- Belvedere Vodka (which I never use), Campari, Lemon Sour (a mix of fresh lemon juice and simple sugar), egg white and soda water.

Messed it up the first time. Good. Fun drink, though not really my style. Might toy with it.

If you have the ingredients anyone can make a drink, right?! Your best bet at a regular bar would be to order a Dark and Stormy- this drink’s regular cousin.

Planning on making plenty of Dark & Stormies this summer. Not wasting the Zacapa 23 on them though; that one be a sipping rum…neat or 1 cube. Arrrrrr!

You need to switch to El Dorado 21 bro.

For the sipping or the D & S? Have to admit, in spite of being a Caribbean boy, my rum exposure/experience is limited. But damn John, that Zacapa is some really nice stuff.

I meant for sipping. I like it way better than the Zacapa. Far less sweet.

Ah, got it. You see, I enjoy that hint of sweetness to counter the kick from the alcohol. Reminds me of a dry 20 yr Tawny.

I like the Zacapa Rums too, just prefer the El Dorado to sip. Have you tried any of the Appleton Estate Rums? To me those are even sweeter than the Zacapas.

Have not. Any sweeter and it would probably taste weird. I’ll definitely look for the El Dorado next time.

The standard Appleton estate is gtoo sweet - almost dessert like.

My selection of vermouths here is sadly limited (state stores here, so…) Best I can get is Dolin. Thoughts on it?

Dolin makes good stuff. See the thread I started in this forum called “Home Bar Question”- towards the end there is a brief discussion about Vermouth.

Between the Sheets courtesy of Dale De Graff

1 Part Cognac
1 Part good aged Dark Rum
3/4 Part Cointreau
1/2 part benedictine
3/4 part fresh lemon juice.

This is an interesting drink. You can easily play with the sweetness tartness by adjusting the lemon and Cointreau and particularly the benedictine. It is really just a modified side car. The rum gives it an interesting flavor. It is important to use good booze here. It is imperative to use fresh squeezed lemon


Black Manhattan- Redemption Rye, Averno, Regan’s Orange Bitter’s, Angostura Bitter’s, with a couple of Luxardo cherries for garnish. This is actually really good.