The Bluffton Room - Bluffton, SC

This dinner was a part of the guys trip to RJ's. The Bluffton Room left a pretty strong impression on me. This is a modern American restaurant situated in the heart of old town Bluffton, a beautiful brick building. The old town strangely reminded me of the downtown Greenwich.

We were greeted by Tonja and Cory Hughes, super energetic and friendly couple who are the proprietors along with the chef Jeff Congdon.

The ingredients were top notch and perfectly executed.

Excellent Baked Oyster

Duck Duck Goose, incredibly decadent and original

This was one of the best duck breasts I had in the states. If you are in the downtown Bluffton, you owes to yourself to try it.

My sincere gratitude goes to the team for the great experience.

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I assume they were corkage friendly, do you remember the fee? We are headed there in June and sounds like a great spot.


Well done Kevin. Not sure what the Scarecrow was doing there!

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My parents live in Bluffton so I know where I’m eating next time I visit.

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Hell of a meal - Great lineup, thanks for sharing!

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Nice, Kevin. And good to know. I Was just in Bluffton a few weeks back and ate at Farm- a few doors down. Also very good.
PSA to others- If you ever find yourself on Hilton Head or surroundings- make the short drive to Bluffton for better eating, drinking, coffee, etc. Cool little area.
Burnt Church Distillery in town is a good hang as well.


I have a home in Beaufort and will visit Bluffton often. Could not agree more about the Farm, The Bluffton Room and Burnt Church Distillery. If you are in the area, all worth a visit and as I recall, corkage was quite reasonable.

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I am not sure but the owners are winos too. It was one of the best duck dishes I had in awhile.


We all took five to six bottles down to SC. Clearly, that wasn’t my contribution. :grin:

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I wholeheartedly agree. It is a small quaint town with a lot of excellent restaurants. I was surprised by the super affluent vibe!


Lots of boomers from the NE and elsewhere are retiring to Hilton Head, Savannah (see The Landings), etc. I know it is making housing prices go up a great deal in Savannah. Plus, this is making a lot of money for certain natives of the area. Bluffton is very close to Hilton Head and I guess must be benefitting from all of this. Beautiful area from around Charleston all the way through coastal Georgia (Savannah, Sea Island, Jekel Island, St. Simon’s Island) down through northern Florida along the coast (like Amelia Island, for example).

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I gotta tell you that restaurant sounds fantastic, I’m definitely putting it on my list. I go to the Low Country often. Howard is right, this is a phenomenal area to retire.

It wasn’t a bad place to grow up either. My family moved to HH in 1979 when I was 8. It’s a lot different now.

Interesting. I grew up in Savannah and would go up to HH once or twice a year. Except for new things going up, never noticed that much changing in terms of look and feel - always has been beautiful and sort of majestic. I now go there only once every few years so maybe I have lost track, but how is it a lot different now? Has it really expanded beyond the island to places like Bluffton, which used to be really sleepy when we drove through it in the 60s and 70s.

The whole area is booming

When we moved to HH there was literally only one stoplight, about 10K residents year round and 40K including tourists during the season. I rode my bike everywhere and we went to the beach every day of the summer. There was no cross island expressway and it was a swing bridge. It’s quite built up now and it’s a hassle to park anywhere and go to the beach. Better restaurants now but so many people.

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(Apologies for ongoing drift - had to put this somewhere!) Another endorsement of Farm in Bluffton - fantastic meal last night. It would be among the restaurants i love to visit if it were in Atlanta. Wine list was not bad, but the cocktails seemed a better choice and the beer list almost got me (a few from Edmunds Oast). For Atlanta folks, I’d compare it somewhere between a slightly more conservative Deer and Dove, and a more adventurous Miller Union, given its focus on good local ingredients and general “southern-ness” without boundaries. The skillet cornbread is not to miss.


Oh, yeah, that cornbread is fantastic! Glad you enjoyed.

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I must read too much political news, because I keep reading this thread title as “Buffoon Room.”