The Best Wine Stores / Suppliers By Area

I wanted to put together a thread where people can list the stores/suppliers/distributors in their town/county/state so other WB’s know where they can find the best wine. Maybe you’ll learn about a new store by you to find some old vintage wines, or perhaps you can use this thread as a guide while traveling so you know where to get the good stuff.

Long Island New York
Raeder’s Wines & Liquors - Albertson, NY [Offers a large variety of vintage new and old world wines as well as rare cult wines. The owner is amazing and tries his best to find anything you wish on special order.]
The Wine Special List - Syosset, NY [A unique buying experience. Usually only offers 10-20 rare wines a week. His inventory rotates constantly and you get to taste any wine in the store before you buy. Only offers wines that tend to be over the $40 range. Expect to not leave without buying a case.]

What stores can you recommend by you and why?