The best value Chardonnay out of France or California

It is with great pleasure that I nominate these two selections:

2011 Le P’tit Paysan, “Jack’s Hill Vineyard”, Central Coast, Monterey County ($19)
2012 Mount Eden “Wolff Vineyard” Central Coast, Edna Valley ($21)

Both of these wines are focused, deep and energetic. Delicious. Suitable for AWFE’s, or omnivinovores such as myself.

OK you Frenchies, outdo me!

Gilbert Picq & Ses Fils and Patrick Piuze have Chablis in the $20 price range that is worth a look.

Best : Aubert
Value ; Varner

Drouhin’s St Veran

If you are in the wine club the the Ojai Chards are about $25. Ridiculous price for the quality. Really enjoyed the '12 Solomon Hills the other night.

Cali- Foxglove & Lioco Sonoma County- $16 & $20 respectively.

Washington- Array Cellars- $18 for the entry level, up to $32 for the SVD’s. Seek these out, well worth your time.

Oregon- Stoller- $18

Les Granges Pacquenesses “La Mamette”

Au Bon Climat is and has been a standard bearer in the Central Coast for a long time. The SB County comes in at $15-20 and is a consistent winner year in and year out. Hedonistic butter bomb? I think not just pure, fresh chardonnay fruit. Gets very little praise but for those that know…

I would say just about everything coming out of Chablis is a bargain for what is in the bottle. I will second Patrick Piuze’s Val de Mer line of chards from same region is a strong qpr value.

“2011 Le P’tit Paysan, “Jack’s Hill Vineyard”, Central Coast, Monterey County ($19)”

Excellent choice.

Who says good value has to be cheap…:wink:

I’d look around for some of the better Rully wines. So say Michel Briday or Dureuil-Janthial or a few others. Can find good deals on the good 1ers for around $25 or so.

Fevre Chablis (domaine)

$20 retail before applicable discounts, but with no shipping charges or sales tax. Offer not valid is Alaska, Hawaii or Fairfield County, CT. Order tonight while supplies last. Offer limited to the first 50 callers this morning. Order now, and we’ll double your order.

Every year this is a QPR champion.

Continuing on the Chablis theme, Bernard Defaix’s Cote de Lechet bottling is virtually a mandatory case purchase for me year after year. Honest to goodness Chablis typicity for $20-22 a bottle.

Second the nomination of ABC chardonnay. Clendennen is a gifted wine maker, makes wines with broad appeal to different palates and he has access to good grapes.

Gentlemen - this is a value thread. Please post prices!

Prices are highly regional

Then it would still be helpful if post what it is in “your” region. The P’Tit Paysan and the Mount Eden are “national” prices.

2010 Roulot or Boisson-Vadot BB, under USD 30, in the UK.

Good thread. I just picked up 6 bottles each of the Bernard Defaix Cote Lechet and Le P’tit Paysan, “Jack’s Hill Vineyard”.

Now I am going to force myself to not look at the rest of the recommendations to prevent more purchasing.