The $945 coffee table book about wine.


$6.50 a page. Glad War and Peace isn’t that much.

I read the URL as “ass online,” might be appropriate.

Is that the buyer, the author or the art department that created this?

Seriously, what the f*ck?

i can get the world atlas of wine and all three Massnaghetti books, plus a first growth or two for that.

They’ve got a copy at Montelena (the book features their 1978 estate cab if I recall correctly) and I was able to take a casual look. You’d think someone who’d experienced this parade of legendary wines would be transformed & elevated to another plane of existence & have something truly soulful to share. You’d think, but I find the writing to be hermetic and masturbatory. It gives you nothing; it merely wants to sit, replete and self-satisfied, within its calculatedly rustic binding. That counts as an accomplishment for the writer, but there is nothing for anyone else, least of all anyone who actually drinks & enjoys wine

… and a coffee table as well

On the other hand, he needs very few rich idiots to recoup his expenses.

Or, you could get “The Impossible Collection of Golf.” [snort.gif]

Amazon has it for the bargain price of $845.00

Really though, this screams vanity press.

There was a spate of these done a few years ago as part of a tax wheeze in the uk - they did one for F1, one for Ferrari and I recall there was one for wine. Don’t know if this is the same one or not.

Worth it for the picture of the helicopter landing at Screagle.

Um “the 100 most exceptional vintages of the 20th century” so vintages 1 through 100 of the century? Wtf? Is it a joke?
Must have looked at it 25 times now thinking I missread it.

I didn’t see that, but agree it seems ridiculous. OTOH, maybe considering all the many different regions in the world there could be 100 to pick from in one century. I mean, say, 20 from Bx, 15 from Burg, 15 from Mosel, 10 from Tuscany, 15 from Piedmont, then Cali, Aus, Champ, Loire, Alsace, etc.

But what we really want to know, Mike, is: Did you open and read the book as soon as it arrived by courier :wink:?

Pobega that book!!!

Remember, I work for the City of New York so I am all about the shiny pictures.

I saw it at Assouline in Venice. Nice book. I had a discussion with the shop keeper about the choices of wines in the book. It is interesting for a wine collectors’ debate, but I would never pay for it.