The 4 most important things a visitor to Champagne should know.

Welcome, and thank you for participating here, Richard. [cheers.gif]

I’m sorry if my question is too general (I can make it more specific, if need be). In your opinion, what are the four most important things visitors to Champagane should know? This can be about tastings, driving, places to eat/stay, things to do/see, general information about the way of life in the area, social customs, etc. …

The timing of your guest appearance here is coincidentally marvelous for myself, as my wife and I will be visiting Champage in late October. Thanks, Richard!

Dear Brian,

This is a great and original question (thanks for your answer and compliments in the food & wine thread, by the way).

I could tell you to visit the Cathédrale de Reims, to indulge at such or such restaurant, or not to underestimate (or overestimate!) the French road system, and many such good pieces of advice. But truth be told what I feel is the most important is to meet local people, as this is where the joy of traveling is. In this regard I feel it would be rewarding to visit both Champagne houses (we are happy to arrange visits on appointment) and smaller producers, to get a complete view of what the region has to offer. However it does not stop there, and I am sure you will meet great people all over the region. I would also urge you to take your time, and discover the area by foot or bicycle, since it is hard to truly discover a region while in a rush. I know it is easier said than done, but I feel this is the only real way to connect with nature and experience the great landscapes of Champagne, especially if you are lucky enough to have enjoy a nice, sunny Autumn day during your visit!

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